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Londres, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
De 51 à 200 employés
Entreprise non cotée en bourse
Matériel et logiciels informatiques
Entre 10 et 25 millions € (EUR) par an
ActiveViam provides precision analytics platforms to help organisations in finance and retail make better decisions, faster. Practically, this means allowing business users to make faster and better decisions – whether those decisions relate to detecting deviations ... En savoir plus

Mission: Our mission is to deliver data analytics solutions that empower businesses to change their future.

ActiveViam – Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

ActiveViam is a global software developer and publisher with offices in Europe, Asia and North America. Founded in 2005, ActiveViam provides an innovative analytics platform that enables companies to see into their past, present and future to steer their business with confidence. Among our 40+ clients are some of the largest financial and retail companies on 3 continents. They rely on us for needs ranging from complying with regulation, to testing their own resilience, to reducing their carbon footprint.

Because companies trust us with functions among the most critical to their operations, ActiveViam is committed to the scientific excellence of its products. Our teams strive to integrate the latest advancements in their code and design it to run on cutting-edge hardware. We practice and encourage constant sharing of expertise and knowledge among members in both business and technology.

Top 5 reasons to join us

  1. Join a company dedicated to excellence in its service and its technologies
  2. Help develop innovative software that makes the highest potential of the cloud and the highest class of hardware technology
  3. Explore a wide variety of business issues (regulatory compliance, front office trading, market risk, credit risk, liquidity management ...) and retail logistics (supply chain optimization, pricing ...)
  4. Work with highly-experienced professionals in a workplace culture that emphasizes the transmission of knowledge
  5. Become part of an efficient, inclusive, multi-national team with offices on 3 continents to serve customers all over the world

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    • Culture et valeurs
    • Opportunités de carrière
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    Employé actuel - Senior Sales Executive - Paris
    Employé actuel - Senior Sales Executive - Paris
    Point de vue positif

    Je travaille chez ActiveViam à plein temps (Plus de 3 ans)


    - Des missions particulièrement intéressantes, même pour un premier poste
    - Des dirigeants qui savent percevoir le potentiel de leurs employés et le faire fructifier
    - Une direction proche de ses employés, qui partage sa vision pour l'entreprise
    - Une entreprise en forte croissance, mais qui sait donner aux équipes des moyens pour qu'elles remplissent leurs missions
    - Une liberté de parole
    - Une réelle bienveillance entre les employés, prêts à se rendre mutuellement service et à partager leurs expertises


    - Une entreprise à la pointe de la technologie, qui se réinvente constamment pour rester leader, ne convient pas à toutes les personnalités (il faut aimer le changement et être adaptable)

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    Entretien de Software Engineer

    Employé anonyme - New York, NY (États-Unis)
    Offre d'embauche acceptée
    Expérience positive
    Difficulté moyenne


    J'ai postulé en personne. Le processus a pris 1 jour. J'ai passé un entretien à ActiveViam (New York, NY (États-Unis)) en mai 2019.


    The interview process was very satisfying. It was a one hour process, split up into two half hour segments. One of which, was with a Senior Software Engineer. There was a mix of technical questions as well talking about yourself and your career interests. The second 30 minutes, was with the head of Professional Services, who mainly geared the conversation towards who you are, and your academic progress thus far. As well as your future aspirations. The environment where the interview was conducted was very welcoming, which enabled me to make my points accurately and stress free. Would highly recommend interviewing with this company.

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