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Parsippany, NJ (États-Unis)
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  • « Becoming a more miserable environment with every passing day. Be very cautious about expectations working here. »

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    If something has to be listed, apparently the company wasn’t as always this poor in terms of atmosphere. (This must have been a long time ago)


    Where to even begin? The reason they are so generous with giving vacation time is because they know the workforce would revolt and leave the company without any breaks. Most people have a “it’s not my job” attitude, so nothing gets done on time ever. Nearly every single project is now late, causing the stress level to become unbearable for some people. Many qualified workers are nearing retirement age, leaving the outlook for the company within 5 years to be pretty poor. Most newer workers aren’t vetted or trained properly to function in their roles, even at the most basic levels (HR does an absolutely terrible job at vetting resumes, many recent hires skill sets don’t even match their resumes). The social attitude of the plant is also hyper-conservative, which can make some people feel uncomfortable. The upper level management of the plant has absolutely no clue as to what the current industry activity has done to delay all their projects (They just tell people to improve delivery but have no follow up or process to try and improve, and even if they did, the current industry conditions are the same all over in terms of delivery). Most people seem stressed out and prone to temper (which I don’t blame them). It just seems like a fruitless effort at this point, most hard work becomes irrelevant or just ignored due to the chaos of the building. Not a place to feel excited about the future. The location is also in a run down little village, making the commute even more of a depressing endeavor. And I won’t even go into why the worst companies to deal with are OTHER Atlas Copco entities. Maybe in the future things will be different, but for sure not within a 5 year period.

    Conseils à la direction

    Massive change is needed from top to bottom, and it needs to happen immediately, not over time. Fire the people who don’t do their jobs and reward the people who do. Try to expand and have a small office somewhere a little more accessible than the current location. Realize that the industry has changed, and regardless of all the corporate propaganda about why Atlas is so amazing, actually start to maneuver the company to be more in tuned with the 21st century. Actually try to listen to low level to mid level employees, not just the managers who only care about creating a misleading sense of prosperity to the GM. Things just seem to be in complete turmoil and management seems blind to it all.

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    Experience was the main focus. Standard procedure. Running down your resume and discussing effectiveness in previous lines of work. Specifically experience working with and around rotating machinery and how it applies to the product: centrifugal turbocompressors.

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    • What is your experience or familiarity with centrifugal turbocompressors?   1 réponse
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