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    Excellent remuneration, both for income and super. Strict adherence to all protocols that protect your rights as a worker. Flexible hours as a casual. Respectful, clean, secure and reliable working environment. Practically a biome of an office-scape, you could live and die within the OH&S approved, quality controlled confines of the ATO.


    Dull and bureaucratic clerical work full of jargon without much morally or intellectually stimulating substance, but this is as to be expected. Whilst there is much talk about opportunities to branch out in your career at the ATO and in the Australian Public Service in general, much of this is actually quite limited and rhetorical. A lot of workers do 'higher duties' for many years without ever being awarded the concrete status of the APS level position for which they have already proven they are more than qualified.
    Considering the role of the ATO is to administer government policy, if you are someone who is affected by the knowledge of how policies affect people's everyday lives (basically if you are not an inured zombie) you may struggle with the rigidity of this fundamental job requirement. In this workplace, enforcing policy is necessarily divorced from questioning and changing policy (there is repeated stress on the ATO being 'apolitical') and an inherent quandary (and deliberate tactic) of this is that those who enforce policy to clients are those who are in dialogue with and privy to the policy effects on clients and are therefore most equipped to know the ways it needs to adapt to its audience, however this is decisively refuted as an element of the job. Clients are encouraged by workers to speak to their local member of parliament, to affect policy changes as individuals, despite the qualified aggregation of policy knowledge accrued by workers within the ATO about the client experience. Despite much rhetoric about the ATO wanting its workers to submit suggestions for improvement and innovation, this must undergo the rusty, old process of red tape where you may only see slight changes (that have been heavily modified and diluted) after long periods of time. In light of this fruitless cycle, the job has the potential to turn you into an inured zombie if you weren't already one.

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    Understanding that no job is apolitical, particularly a government one, since the decisions we are administering fundamentally affect people's daily lives. This is not to say that the workplace should instead become partisan to any political ideologies, but rather to consider that the ATO's role as a conduit between government decisions and citizens of a government as not a one way street of enforcing a government upon a people, but also delivering the people's response back to a government.

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    J'ai postulé via un établissement de l'enseignement supérieur ou universitaire.. Le processus a pris 1 jour. J'ai passé un entretien à Australian Taxation Office (Mysore (Inde)) en janvier 2016.


    Three rounds ..... First round aptitude test ,second one was the technical round . Third hr round . All the rounds were easy .i cleared first two rounds . In the hr round I dint do well ..

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