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Berlin (Allemagne)
De 51 à 200 employés
Entreprise non cotée en bourse
Matériel et logiciels informatiques
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  • « Management Sucks »

    • Équilibre travail/vie privée
    • Culture et valeurs
    • Opportunités de carrière
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    • Dirigeants
    Employé actuel - Full Stack Developer - Islâmâbâd, Islamabad (Pakistan)
    Employé actuel - Full Stack Developer - Islâmâbâd, Islamabad (Pakistan)
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    Je travaille chez Automotive Artificial Intelligence à plein temps


    Colleagues are nice and helpful which makes the work environment tolerable.


    Fewer benefits, NO flexible timings, OVER-TIME

    Conseils à la direction

    - Please stop saying flexible timings 'cause the management notes the time when people come and go and makes their decision according to it.
    - Management decisions are ALL always pro-employer (NONE for the employee)
    - Policies change every day in favor of the employer (Whenever they want)

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Automotive Artificial Intelligence photo de : 3D Simulation
Automotive Artificial Intelligence photo de : 3D Simulation
Automotive Artificial Intelligence photo de : 3D Simulation
Automotive Artificial Intelligence photo de : 3D Simulation
Automotive Artificial Intelligence photo de : Sensor Simulation
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Obtenir un entretien





    Entretien de Machine Learning Engineer

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Berlin (Allemagne)
    Aucune offre d'embauche
    Expérience négative
    Difficulté moyenne


    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Automotive Artificial Intelligence (Berlin (Allemagne)) en mars 2019.


    After I sent in my application, a Python coding challenge was received. Overall 14 python questions, 4 'advanced' questions, and 2 practical exercises in 60 minutes. For the python questions (Warning: This is Python 2.7), one can easily use their own IDE for getting the result. However, I chose not to and answered them to the best of my knowledge. Overall, they contain regular expressions, tricky logic operators, operations, etc. The test was easy and doable but given the amount of tasks in 1 hour, which mostly tested general python knowledge, I could safely classify it as a pile of garbage. The variable names in the practical challenge were set by a complete idiot, without regard to any good practices whatsoever. The python questions themselves were completely useless and are absolutely not going to be predictive of job success in their current format.

    To sum up, this test was a joke. I am very glad and fortunate that I didn't pass it.

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Prix et distinctions de Automotive Artificial Intelligence

  • Nominated as one of the five hottest Start-Ups in Europe - NVIDIA Inception Awards, NVIDIA, 2017
  • #1 Volkswagen Group Pitch Night, Volkswagen Group, 2018

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