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Arlington, VA (États-Unis)
Entre 1 001 et 5 000 employés
Entreprise cotée en bourse (AVB)
Entre 2 et 5 milliards de dollars US par an
Equity Residential, UDR, Essex Property Trust

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AvalonBay Communities President and CEO Timothy J. Naughton
Timothy J. Naughton
281 Évaluations
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    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - San Jose, CA (États-Unis)
    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - San Jose, CA (États-Unis)
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    If you're looking for a company to build a career, AvalonBay is a great choice. You're not going to be handed the opportunity, so you've got to show your worth, but there are so many examples in the company of associates earning multiple promotions across different departments.
    Also, the amount of time/money/resources AvalonBay gives back to the community through their Spirit of Caring initiatives will make you proud to tell people you work here.


    If you're looking for the latest in terms of technology, AvalonBay would not be your first choice. This is an opportunity for the company that is being addressed currently.

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AvalonBay Communities photo de : Discussion and Collaboration are key at AvalonBay.
AvalonBay Communities photo de : Across all departments of AvalonBay, we make sure to take time for fun.
AvalonBay Communities photo de : At AvalonBay, we build in some of the biggest cities in America, and we get the best views too.
AvalonBay Communities photo de : Our company's philanthropic efforts involve all of our teams, and offer residents the opportunity to get in on it, too.
AvalonBay Communities photo de : With communities all across the country, we always take time to come together to share best practices, and each other's company.
AvalonBay Communities photo de : Our customer interactions are always personal, but they're also supported by technology.
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    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - San Francisco, CA (États-Unis)
    Pas d’offre d’emploi
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    J'ai postulé en personne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé une entrevue à AvalonBay Communities (San Francisco, CA (États-Unis)) en février 2018.


    I went to the Mission Bay location on Hiring Day. Talked to the general manager - ab. 15 minutes - who was very friendly and extremely helpful. Liked my resume and promised me to share it with the other locations in SF and she did. Got a call 6 days later to go in to another location for an interview the next day.

     The interview went well, but the manager had concerns because I have too much experience for an entry level role but zero industry-specific experience. He was also friendly, helpful and professional. Answered every question I asked - and I had a lot - so it lasted about an hour. He had 4-5 other candidates and promised that he would call the one he chooses the end of next week. I sent a thank you note / follow-up email a couple hour later, didn't get an answer. Also It wasn't me who got the call.

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  • #1 REIT -- ORA Power Rankings, J Turner Research, 2015
  • NAREIT Leader in the Light Award, NAREIT, 2015
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