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    Ancien employé - Client Services - Naperville, IL (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Client Services - Naperville, IL (États-Unis)
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    I was with Dealer Inspire for 3 years. I recently got a job offer that I could not pass up and management visibly could see that I was checked out many months ago. Transparency is one of the 5 tenets that the company swears by so I am going to be very transparent in this review. If you are considering Dealer Inspire, please know that many employees love the company and you just might love it as well so don't let one review sway your decision. The pros are that they have good benefits and if you live in the suburbs of Chicago, the commute to the office is a breeze compared to hopping on the train everyday. The leadership for the client services team has really improved despite the insane client load pfms have to endure. The sales team has also stepped it up and I think the inside sales manager goes above and beyond to reward his team and really coach them.


    The HR department has regressed significantly and the turnover highlights how poorly the department has been managed. The company has lost 4 incredible employees that were with the company from the start, within 3 months.
    The clients are always favored over the employees. During my time on the client services team, I personally experienced and witnessed other co workers being verbally abused by a handful of clients. But, thats the nature of the business they say
    Although benefits are a plus, the pay is very low for the amount of time employees spend on projects, review calls, preparation etc. If you have over 40 clients to manage, you should be compensated

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    Something needs to change. The turnover is getting out of control. I watched incredible employees leave some that had been there for 4 plus years and others that only made it a few months. What happened to all 5 tenets? What happened to hiring for quality not quantity? Dealer Inspire , you have to wake up and realize that majority of your employees are not happy anymore so I encourage you to do something before DI becomes another company that was once great until it got bought out.

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Dealer Inspire photo de : NADA2016
Dealer Inspire photo de : At our Rethink at Google conference!
Dealer Inspire photo de : There are some pretty cool perks of working here; one of them is being able to swing while you work!
Dealer Inspire photo de : Our front-end developers just being awesome in their matching Dealer Inspire hoodies.
Dealer Inspire photo de : Create. Break. Rebuild.
Dealer Inspire photo de : We were treated to a surprise Employee Appreciation BBQ!
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    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Naperville, IL (États-Unis)
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    J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris +2 mois. J'ai passé un entretien à Dealer Inspire (Naperville, IL (États-Unis)) en septembre 2017.


    The process consisted of 2 phone interviews and one in person interview with 5 different stake holders. The first phone screen with HR person went very well. The questions are very general, easy to answer and not technical.

    I was invited to interview with 3 people on the phone again (direct reports and a translator were on the phone since I was interviewing for a bilingual role). There are some technical questions but considering my seniority, these were very easy. I'm assuming I did well at this second call too because I was invited to travel for an in person. They flew me to Chicago and treated me very well. The people I met are all very nice.

    I think that there were moments in the in person interview with the HR team were both parties could anticipate this role would not be a good fit. I guess I wish we could have avoided all the trouble (on both sides) but that's what it takes. I would recommend the company or role if you are young and want to gain experience as the products/services they offer are on point for the vertical. The company seems to be hiring very junior people for cheap. I came in asking for the position's salary cap and asked about the work/life balance as it was mentioned in Glassdoor. I could tell this was not a good question to ask. I just wanted to set expectations since I do want to have time for my family.

    It took about 6 weeks to get a final no. Reasons were related to my cost being too high.

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    • Do you like soccer or American football?
      If you are in line at CVS and a person with more than 10 articles is in the express line. Do you say anything about it?   2 Réponses
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