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Verona, WI (États-Unis)
Entre 5 001 et 10 000 employés
Entreprise non cotée en bourse
Matériel et logiciels informatiques
Entre 2 et 5 milliards de dollars US par an
Cerner, GE Healthcare, Allscripts

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Epic Systems Corporation (Wisconsin) Founder & CEO Judith R. Faulkner
Judith R. Faulkner
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    Ancien employé - Employé anonyme - Madison, WI (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Employé anonyme - Madison, WI (États-Unis)

    J'ai travaillé chez Epic Systems Corporation (Wisconsin) en Contrat Permanent (Pendant plus de 5 ans)


    * Great Pay
    * After 2 years, chance to work on internal projects you want to work on - choose your own path.
    * it's a private company that really focuses on making the patient experience better- so you can feel as if you're genuinely making the world better
    * amazing insurance (friend broke his leg and his copay was 10 bucks for an emergency room, X-ray, cast, physical therapy... everything)
    * amazing people. Choose your friends wisely and associate with top performers, you'll rise up within the company and have great, driven, friends along the way. (this can be a con though, see below).

    Madison Summers are amazing (a bit humid), but so much fun and active. Because this company is a large part of the economy of Madison, there's a lot of hip and trendy things to do for young people with money.


    The travel. Everyone loves to travel, when it's Denver, Boston, Austin, NYC, and cool places; but when you're driving to small town Michigan, it's not as fun. 3 customer projects meant traveling 37-40 weeks a year, which is only onsite T-Th, but traveling to a customer on Mondays, being onsite with that customer T-Th, then returning late on Thursdays, with Friday's packed full of meetings, leaves very little time in the work week to keep your other customers afloat.

    Long hours. Even if you set a great worklife balance, projects come along that require more time, or are escalated, so you spend more of your work week on them, which requires you keeping up with your other customers outside of the normal hours.

    Management throws customers at you until you're stressed/maxed out. (never put your happiness rating on your monthly surveys too high, and keep your weekly hours at about 50 if you don't want additional customers).

    A lot of your experience will come down to what application you're in, and who you're working with. Epic prides itself on choosing talented people for their staff (read: high college GPA), and with this you have some incredibly fast learners. The mean age is quite young (a lot of first jobs) so you get some very cutthroat people in the mix. As the turnover is relatively high (especially in the spring), you have a constant influx of young people right out of college who are working to prove themselves. This leads to a lot of people who don't draw a work-life line and who are constantly answering emails late into the night, and are frustrated that others have a work-life line.

    The people who work long hours are often rewarded for their efforts, and made into lower management folks, who then encourage/expect this sort of full dedication to work (Judy once said, she believes in Work Life Integration more than Work Life balance) so it self perpetuates.

    You don't work with your team lead usually, so your manager's opinion of your work is based off of feedback they gather from employees, so it becomes a popularity game. You have to understand your applications culture if you want to get good raises.

    You're expected to give regular (read weekly/every other week) feedback on your coworkers, and have that conversation with them, so improvement suggestions can be met with hostility and excuses.

    Madison winters are a cold and bleak affair. The midwest is socked in with clouds from October-March, and the cold is bitter. Wind chills get down to -30, -40 in January/February pretty reliably. At that cold, there's not much to do- so weight gain is very real in the winter.

    Conseils à la direction

    If you promise an AC to the customer is staffed to a customer, then only staff them to that customer. Telling the customers one thing, then doing something else is against one of your core rules, "keeping promises."

    Let your implementers live where they want to. They have to travel all the time; what's the difference which city is their weekend city? Video meetings can be more common place, which would save a lot on airfare, help the environment, and would decrease your turnover as you wouldn't lose people to the Madison winter.

    Train your TL's better.

    Slim down your staff meeting to be relevant info to at least 80% of your audience. Because staff meeting goes until 12:30, we're not booked for flights until 4:30p. This means traveling until 10-11 at night, plus drive time to the hotel; it wears on people.

    Investigate people giving negative feedback, make sure they've had conversations with the person, that they've set clear expectations. Don't take it as, "look at this person giving a hard truth," as it's a known way to get ahead. Ensure the constructive feedback is constructive, not just negative so X person can get a better raise.

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. J'ai passé une entrevue à Epic Systems Corporation (Wisconsin).


    I was very displeased with my phone interview. The employee interviewing me came across as having no interest in me or the interview. It was very much a one-sided conversation, and at several points I felt like he was not even paying attention to what I was saying. It completely tuned me off from this company.

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