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Centennial, CO (États-Unis)
Entre 1 001 et 5 000 employés
Entreprise non cotée en bourse
Services informatiques
Entre 25 et 50 millions de dollars US par an

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Fast Enterprises Managing Partner Martin Rankin
Martin Rankin
504 Évaluations
  • « If you're going to work for someone else, can't get much better »

    • Équilibre travail/vie privée
    • Culture et valeurs
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    Employé actuel - Implementation Consultant
    Employé actuel - Implementation Consultant
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    Je travaille chez Fast Enterprises à plein temps (Pendant plus de 5 ans)


    - Benefits and pay
    - Free health insurance
    - Paid overtime, which is pretty silly at these salaries
    - Good standard raises and higher ones if you do a good job and it gets noticed. Reviews are based on a number ranking system (1 to 10, 1 being best). Average is of course 5 which translates to roughly 6% raise - a better rating will land you a 10%-15%+ raise as it goes higher but those are saved for only the best.
    - Work is challenging but reasonable and there is support from smart folks
    - Everyone gives a damn for the most part
    - Talent is generally evaluated well and folks are given what they can handle. Even if someone is not a super star they can be given appropriate tasks to take ownership of.
    - A cute bonus system that doesn't matter to most employees
    - Profit sharing to 401k (basically 2-3% match)


    They changed how they used to handle salaries with relocation (home base, moving bonus) and the change is definitely for the better (higher starting salary, nothing special for relocation) - however some folks were caught in the transition in 2013 and got screwed on being grandfathered in. We got a bump but it was not as much if we would have had the original moving allowance merged into our base salary. I only know this having talked to other folks who started at the same time and weighing similar raises as a percentage, I'm making less (about $10k less a year). Still, the change they made is for the better and is more fair, but no one likes to feel secretly screwed - and since I only know this having talked to other people about their salaries (a no no unfortunately even though it's protected by labor law) I can't bring it up to management. Plus we already make pretty silly salaries, so do I really need to put my position at risk by asking for an extra $10k? Then you become "that person".

    Conseils à la direction

    - Right folks who were jipped during the salary transition in 2013. Base salaries over time are affected by what they were years ago when you do percentage raises.
    - Otherwise, keep doing a great job. Like I said, if you're going to work for someone else, who else would you want to work for?

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Photos chez Fast Enterprises

Fast Enterprises photo de : These MA FASTies volunteered with The Wish Project on Saturday! The Wish Project is a critical resource for furniture, household goods and baby needs serving these families in need. #FASTiesGiveBack
Fast Enterprises photo de : The Payroll Team was dressed in style for Newbie Night last week!
Fast Enterprises photo de : Michigan Tax & DSVS FASTies visited a trampoline park. With the competitiveness of the team, the trampoline dodge ball and the American Ninja Warrior course were a big hit!
Fast Enterprises photo de : Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and South Carolina sites met up for team building. They went to Six Flags and Dave & Busters all while enjoying catching up with old friends!
Fast Enterprises photo de : Washington FASTies spent their Saturday volunteering at a local food bank.
Fast Enterprises photo de : MN FASTies enjoyed an evening out to dinner this past Saturday to celebrate the holidays!
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    J'ai postulé via une recommandation d'un employé. J'ai passé une entrevue à Fast Enterprises.


    I received an email to send my transcript and availability after they received my application. They then scheduled a phone interview with me shortly after. The interview was quite simple, but it is clear that they are really looking for interns that want to become full-time Implementation Consultants once they graduate. Interview took about 20 minutes.

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  • Highest Rated CEOs - Small & Medium Companies, Glassdoor, 2016
  • Best Places to Work - Large Companies, Glassdoor, 2017
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