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Toronto, ON (Canada)
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    Ancien employé - N/A - Toronto, ON (Canada)
    Ancien employé - N/A - Toronto, ON (Canada)
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    When I started it was an amazing opportunity for me. The people are truly phenomenal, most management puts a lot of effort ensuring the right people get hired for the job and mesh well with existing teams. Free friday lunches and snacks at all times, great benefits, amazing company wide trips, working from home whenever you want within reason, no cold shoulder when you're sick, they really care about your well being and work vs. personal life balance. Regardless of high level "vision" which indeed did seem to be ever-changing, I truly loved going into work every day and felt as if I was valuable to the company.


    After almost 3 years of me working my butt off for the company, they had yet again, another MASS FIRING. 70+ people laid off on the same day. Some for performance, which granted, needs to happen. Some based purely on the fact that upper management didn't do their jobs to better sustain certain team members, including me.

    I put a lot into Flipp and was wiling to continue to do so. I had seen the signs of this happening, I can't say I was completely surprised unfortunately and am not one to shame based on rash feelings. I understand why this happened, and know that my services will be well appreciated somewhere else, but the way they went about this "mass firing" lumping us all in together, some over the phone, some on maternity leave, giving us little to no explanation and handling our questions, emails, replies etc. with what seemed like very little care is unforgivable. I felt completely forgotten and truly set up for pure failure. I continually got told that I was valuable, and that "this was one of the hard ones" but no follow up as to what actually happened. The little clarity given and the little respect for my time and life was shocking. Everything they preach prior you being out that door sounds good until you're on the other side of it realizing it's just talk and no follow through. The amount I had to continuously email, call, to get clarity on things like my severance just to turn up with no response for days was completely frustrating and unprofessional. The team that was dealing with all this is small, but yet again, Flipp bit off more than they can chew and didn't properly prepare.

    I was Flipp's #1 cheerleader, and this has left me with nothing but resentment and disappointment in not only the Company but the founders/upper management.

    Conseils à la direction

    Do your job and budget for the company. Better, use the money leftover from all our salaries to hire someone to do it properly so you don't do this to more people. You shoot too high and end up disappointing not only those you laid off but those that still work there in the 3 crammed floors from 5, less benefits, no trips, not to mention extremely low moral.

    Give those that deserve it, who performed nothing but properly and well over years, the decency of an explanation.

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 4 jours. J'ai passé un entretien à Flipp.


    Unique. Started with a phone call, then a 1st interview. Once I passed that I was expected to do a presentation and present to Execs. Can be frightening but if your confident all should go well.

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