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  • Paris, France
  • Entre 201 et 500 employés
  • 2013
  • Entreprise non cotée en bourse
  • Services web
  • Entre 100 et 500 millions de dollars US


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Heetch is a ride-hailing platform powering thousands of rides everyday in France, Belgium and multiple French-speaking countries in Africa. We provide a mobility solution allowing people to move around the city in an affordable yet reliable way by turning a moment as simple as a ...
Mission : Our mission is to turn tech into human mobility solutions.

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Teddy Pellerin
Teddy Pellerin
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8 juil. 2022 - Growth Marketing Manager
Perspective positive
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Candidature en ligne81%

  1. Entretien pour Senior Software Engineer

    Employé anonyme, Grèce
    Aucune offre
    Expérience positive
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 3 mois. J'ai passé un entretien chez Heetch (Grèce)


    There are several steps during the process:

    1. You will talk for about 45min with someone from the HR team. The guy that I talked was very friendly and he solved all of my questions.
    2. Then, you will be asked to do an assignment in Go which you will need around around 20-25 working hours to make it perfect. They claimed that it does not have to be a "perfect coding assignment", but if you want to make it perfect, you will need to spend some time.
    3. If the assignment is good, you are going to discuss it with some of your future colleagues. You will get feedback and they will ask you some questions about it.
    4. The next and final step is the "meet the team" in which there are three "sub-interview sessions" with members coming from different teams. I got rejected on this step, I do not know what I did wrong, I think that they just gave the position to someone else.

    My two cents is that the guys seem to be cool, so you can give it a shot and apply for this company.

    Questions around unit testing, integration testing, code optimizations, product & behavioral questions (on the last step of the interview)

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  • French Tech 120La French Tech2020

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