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    « True humanitarian work - hard to do long term ! »

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    I was amazed how I was able to work right in the middle of ongoing conflict zones- meeting with armed actors, managing some of the organisations largest assistance activites. The organisation is very true to its core values and has a strong identity and mission. Extremely interesting work with motivated and brillant coworkers. Great for people who are naturally curious and looking for adventure. I have great respect for many of the people that I met, other delegates in the field, the national staff who were extremely dedicated and those in HQ who often had signifigant field experience. I felt that the organisation valued its staff and I really appreciated the training in Geneva and focus on maintaining the organisations history and values. Compared to working with several NGOs in the humanitarian field, I really appreciated that I was able to really focus on managing the programmes under my responsibility rather than writing reports for donors. I appreciated the good management and 'swiss' approach to finance and admin issues. I also really liked that the support functions such as logistics truely operate as support functions and that there is a clear division of labor, with different specialities recruited to perform specific funtions.


    It can be extremely stressfull. Working in areas exposed to some of the worst aspects of human nature, witnessing senseless killings and hopeless contexts can take a large emotional toll. You are exposed to many situations and you must be emotionally mature. I left the organisation since I am married and there were absolutely no opportunties to go on mission with my partner. The organisation does not support family life for delegates at all- particularly harder for women. They told me that when I joined, so at least it was clear where the organsation stands on couple's missions. There are few advancement opportunities for specialists, as managment is only selected among generalist delegates this means that some managers have little to no experience in actually managing large scale relief operations. As a specialist delegate I found that I often had much more experience than the field delegates who were put in charge -so that is a minus. The organisations tends to be quite hierarchical. Another huge challenge is the security chanllenges and risks that you are exposed to in many contexts. Several of my cowokers, friends, or those that I knew through attending various trainings have been in some very serious security incidents. The risks and dangers are real and everyone thinking about working for the ICRC in the field needs to be aware of that. When it is someone you know that is killed, it becomes quite personal.

    Conseils à la direction

    Try to provide more career options to allow people to have a family life (couple posts, more efforts to allow choice on mission locations, more committment by HR to find solutions for dual career humanitarian couples). Improve psycological support and ensure that people are supported after their mission or in between missions as well. Personally, I dont think the HQ should hire anyone for any position who does not have field experience. The HQ positions could be used as a rotation to allow staff to rotate between differcult field locations and more comfortable posts in Geneva.

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International Committee of the Red Cross photo de : Bukidnon, San Fernando. An ICRC water and habitat engineer checks on the newly installed water line for the displaced families affected by armed conflict who evacuated from a nearby village.
International Committee of the Red Cross photo de : Qazakh. A child discovers the ICRC with an ICRC staff.
International Committee of the Red Cross photo de : Pathumthani. Experts of the ICRC from Thailand and Geneva are teaching during the Healthcare in Detention course. Doctor Carole Dromer, Health in Detention Program Coordinator from the ICRC, gives the
International Committee of the Red Cross photo de : Dhamar, Wusab Assafil district. Children pose for a photo with ICRC and Yemen Red Crescent Society staff during a relief parcels distribution for Hodeida internally displaced persons.
International Committee of the Red Cross photo de : Beira. Aftermath of cyclone Idai.
International Committee of the Red Cross photo de : Tegucigalpa, Hospital Escuela. An ICRC staff in preparatory works previous the inauguration of the new triage wing.
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    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Genève (Suisse)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris +4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à International Committee of the Red Cross (Genève (Suisse)).


    Malgré la structure importante du ICRC, le processus fût assez simple. L'ICRC n'abuse pas des logiciels de tri automatiques, mais ce sont des humains qui reçoivent et évaluent la candidature. J'ai envoyé les documents habituels (motivation, cv, certificats) et après 2 semaines les RH m'ont appelé pour me proposer plusieurs dates pour mon entretien d'embauche. Une fois la date fixée, le tout m'a été confirmé par mail, avec soin et beaucoup de précisions, allant des noms et fonctions des personnes que j'allais rencontrer jusqu'aux informations d'accès en voiture ou transports publics.
    Le jour J je me suis présenté à l'accueil et fût rapidement prise en charge par les RH. Mon entretien a été conduit par 3 personnes, toutes en lien direct avec le poste et les responsabilités inhérentes (. Entretien plutôt classique sur 60 minutes, suivi par un test écrit de 60 minutes également. Les timings étaient respectés parfaitement et l'ambiance était agréable, cordiale, respectueuse. Mes interlocuteurs ont su me donner envie de travailler au ICRC.

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    • Seriez-vous prêt à partir en mission sur le terrain pendant plusieurs semaines?   1 réponse
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