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Londres, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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Kin + Carta
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  • « A changing agency with top talent, clients and opportunities. »

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    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - Manchester, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
    Employé actuel - Employé anonyme - Manchester, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
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    * High standards
    * Great clients
    * Close knit teams/people
    * Improved culture
    * Transparent
    * Future-facing


    * Needing to shout more about their achievements
    * Still finding feet in new global group
    * Suffered from poorly managed merger

    Conseils à la direction

    Let’s be honest. You’re only going to write a review on here if you’ve something negative to say.

    Maybe you didn’t pass your probation. Perhaps you were unfortunate in being made redundant as a result of a poorly managed merger by legacy management.

    ...or maybe neither, and you left in solidarity of others that did.

    (And I refer historically to people in all our locations. Not just Edinburgh most recently.)

    But as a current employee I feel compelled to react to the flood of negative comments on here; in the hope that prospective employees (and anyone else) read this and choose to make their own minds up - by paying the agency I love a visit. If you’re ambitious, open and creatively minded we’ll get on a treat.

    The past few years have been a very turbulent time - that is true. Not just in this agency, but the digital industry in general. As the landscape has matured, so have business habits. The way we NEED to sell ourselves has had to change. The nature of agency work has evolved also. And this means continual change in order to stay relevant and profitable - in 2020 more than ever. Personally I think this change should have come sooner, but hey.

    The people in this business who have put their heads down and worked through these recent challenges, embracing change and remaining positive, have a lot to be proud of. For they are the 200+ strong team that remain. Supporting each other and creating great work day in day out.

    Yes, the business is a bit smaller, but now a lot tighter. It’s no surprise to see such talent still remaining in the agency.

    A number of the reviews below call out individuals in management positions, which I find unfair. I understand people won’t always agree with decisions made in a large business, I’ve struggled to understand them myself in the past few years. And also witnessed first-hand how difficult redundancy can be. But it shouldn’t get personal, as I believe they have been acting in the best interests of the business as a whole. Why else?

    The way the leadership team have navigated this current COVID period has far exceeded my expectations. Everything is being handled with transparency; from sharing the monthly revenue figures, sales targets, and the daily challenges they are navigating. Every question is answered no matter how difficult and there is a renewed focus and blossoming culture because of this.

    If you believe what you read in the comments below, the business doesn’t care about the people..? I find this completely contradicts my experiences since joining.

    Training, knowledge sharing, flexible working, diversity and inclusion initiatives, female leadership programmes and mental health first aiders to name but a few. Everyone I speak to outside the agency is in awe of what our agency does for it’s people and culture. And this will only improve with time.

    Now part of a global Kin + Carta brand, there is finally more clarity on who we are. A fresh start almost. I still think there is a lot work to do though. But surely that’s the point... it’ll never stop, right.

    Sadly the merger of two businesses caused us to lose some good talent, and dear friends over recent years. But I’m excited to work alongside the new blood that is joining the agency and seeing where they can take us.

    We’ve got big clients that love us, and small ones that revere us. Our client list has always been admirable - from the days of Amaze and Realise, it was a big draw for so many. Getting to do innovative work is why we’re in this industry, and it’s great to see we still attract and retain the best brands in not only the UK, but globally.

    I’m sure many will be trying to guess who’s penned this rambling review; as I have with the frustrated reviews below.

    It’s not great to read that a number of people have left the business on bad terms, and feel compelled to vent their anger here. Regardless of how you felt you were treated during such a horrible process for all; remember a large number of your ex-colleagues and friends remain, and are grafting as hard as ever to make a success of themselves and Kin + Carta Connect.

    So... Don’t judge this agency by the skewed rating above. Meet our people and ask to see the work. You’ll be impressed.

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