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    J'ai travaillé chez Klarna à temps plein (Plus de 5 ans)


    + you work with the latest tech

    + the majority of people on the individual contributor level are very smart and hard-working people

    + good benefits package

    + you learn a lot on a lot of levels (politics included)


    - the CEO; the Swedish version of Elizabeth Holmes (in some sense). Over the last few years he has transformed from an inspiring leader to an arrogant copycat of Steve Jobs, who personally handles (i.e., micromanages) all important projects and fires people at will when they do not execute exactly what he orders. It is amazing to see how many C level executives have been fired. The ones remaining nowadays are hand picked individuals from the earlier years of Klarna (who grew with the company and the Sebastian cult mentality) and learned not to challenge him.

    - the majority of middle management must become YES-people as well (if they have not become already). I still do not understand why they hire competent people when all they want is someone to say "YES Sebastian, this is a great idea and I will execute it exactly the way you want me to. I know ... it doesn't matter if it is shady in terms of legal, compliance, privacy and if it will create huge technical debt that will eventually make us redo all the work from the beginning in a few years (which will eventually slow us down) ... if you want it now, I will do it now!"

    - the new operating model has segmented the company so much that eventually no one knows what the others are doing and everyone re-implements the wheel and does things in the way that will make them reach Sebastian's goal faster. Even if it makes no sense

    - the new operating model forces so much administration work to the team managers (or competence leads as they are called) that some of the smartest people in Klarna have become in reality glorified secretaries

    - a few year's ago product was harassing engineering with some seriously incompetent and arrogant product managers. Now they don't have to do that anymore ... product owns engineering completely. Engineering (or the "geeks" as Sebastian refers to them in some internal circles) gets to play with any cool toys they find out there on the internet as long as they can build pretty castles on the sand

    - do not expect career development opportunities (after a certain level) if you are not high five-ing everyone around you and shouting "Klarna is awesome". So many people have been playing this game and they even admit it in 1-1 conversations simply because they want to get a title that will help them step up to a new role in another company

    - all successes (real or fake) are celebrated but no lost deals or general losses are even ever mentioned. It feels that the company actively tries to hide problems and not learn from the mistakes of the past

    - you will work a lot. As a manager it is an unwritten rule that you have to pick up the phone and work at any given point (including during your vacation). This might become true even for individual contributors in some cases. The strangest thing is how the company has successfully managed to blur the limits between personal and professional time. I guess that is what Sebastian meant when he famously said "I do not believe in the work-life balance"

    Conseils à la direction

    Klarna products in a few years will have to be outsourced (and re-done completely) because they will have become exactly what all banks are being mocked about today; slow and inflexible due to the technical solutions and the way they were built a couple of years ago. This has actually already started and the outsourcing partners sometimes rub their eyes with how things have been built. When you treat engineers as keyboard monkeys, they will have to build things that will be unmaintainable and difficult to interoperate with other systems in a few years. As someone wisely said: "I have never seen a company building so much technical debt so fast"

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    J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris 3 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Klarna en août 2019.


    - Email first interaction, then video call, then QCM tests with technicals questions and logical questions. Very professional ! Proud to have been contacted by their recruiters even if the process didn't go to the end.

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    • No technical question at first, more about what I was currently working on and techno/experience I had.   Répondre à cette question
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  • Most Innovative Company, GP Bullhound, 2013
  • Sweden’s 55 Fastest Growing Companies, Snabbväxarna, 2013
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