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La Crosse, WI (États-Unis)
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Kwik Trip President and CEO Don Zietlow
Don Zietlow
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    Ancien employé - Guest Service Team Member - Cashier - La Crosse, WI (États-Unis)
    Ancien employé - Guest Service Team Member - Cashier - La Crosse, WI (États-Unis)
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    Decent pay
    End of the year bonus
    Work anniversary gift
    Free coffee/tea during shift
    Wellness program
    Free carwash with each paycheck
    Opportunity to advance
    Family Company


    A consistent shift in Managment
    Singy management
    Random drug testing
    Some of the customer base

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    I worked at a Kwik Trip part-time during the summer of 2016, and part of the summer of 2017 while I was in college.

    That first summer, I really loved it. I love the people I worked with, the pay, the benefits, and flexibility for vacation days or time off. Kwik trip, as a company, is known to treat their employees well, and they do. Not to mention, I worked at a truck stop between states, and there were always interesting people coming through. Also, I loved doing CAT scales and fuel receipts for truckers. It was just something different. They let me take an "academic leave" for school, which was awesome because that let me focus on school and then come back the next summer.

    However, once I came back to work there during the summer of 2017, most of the management I loved switched and moved on to other stores, which I understand will happen. But the new management was very stingy and did not manage their employees well. If we were short staffed (which happened frequently), they would call in employees asking them to pick up extra hours or add their name at random and without notice to the schedule. People would not see this last minute add (since scheduled would come out 2 weeks in advance and they would write it down at that point) and they would miss that shift, resulting in a penalty. Or, they would ask employees to stay a couple hours longer, while they would go home an hour or so early. Also one time, I had food poisoning and was literally getting sick in the bathroom, and I asked to go home. That was about two hours into my eight-hour shift. The made me stay until hour seven despite the fact I was in the bathroom for most of it. Mind you, while I was not in the bathroom getting sick, they put me on a register to handle food, money, and interact with customers. Honestly, one of the worst days I've had. Also, as a female in college, some (not all!) of the truckers could be crude with sexual humor and suggestions. that got old really quick.

    Lastly, this is a very personal opinion of mine, but I don't agree with the politics and leadership they morally and financially support.

    So I suppose it is a luck of the draw. The first year was awesome and I was honestly excited to come back the following summer. But the second summer was the opposite of the first.

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 5 jours. J'ai passé une entrevue à Kwik Trip (Clearwater, MN (États-Unis)) en mars 2018.


    About the company and expectations. What the company does. How they grow. What there mission is. How to please the customers so they come back. And how they can keep growing as a company to on more stores around the us.

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