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Skokie, IL (États-Unis)
De 1 à 50 employés
Entreprise non cotée en bourse
Fabrication de produits de soins de santé
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    You can sit around all day and chat with people and not get fired.


    The new Chinese owner is psychotic and expects employees to work 12+ hours per day. All Americans are lazy in their eyes and they would rather employ illegal Chinese for pennies than employ hard working Americans. All employees fear for their jobs on a daily basis. The owner yells and screams at employees and also sends threatening emails if you don't do what he says in the unrealistic deadline that is set. No one actually knows what anyone's job is and everything is up in the air. Be prepared to get screamed at for something that isn't even your job. Poor management skills and ALL employees gossip about each other. The owner refers to himself as "A very big rich guy" and doesn't take criticism very well. Run while you are ahead!!!

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    Don't throw temper tantrums if you are supposedly "A very big rich guy!"

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    The process was weird. They wanted me to do a project and then I had to meet with 2 different people at different times. The boss in the 2nd interview came in and would complain about past employees and how he needs someone to fix their mistakes (red flag #1). I was offered a position and asked if I could think it over night. One of the interviewers, sales manager, seemed offended and asked why I can't make a decision now. (red flag #2).

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    • If your boss wanted you to do something different from what your morals or even the facts show, what would you do?   1 réponse

    Raison du refus

    The workplace seemed weird and there were red flags.

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