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Nikolai Bratkovski
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    « Great place to work for passionate people who want to learn! »

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    Employé actuel - Software Engineer - Toronto, ON (Canada)
    Employé actuel - Software Engineer - Toronto, ON (Canada)
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    I have been working on the Opencare engineering team for less than a year and I'm happy to say that everything that was sold to me in the interview process is true (and then some). It's an incredibly dedicated team of passionate people who want to do things the right way and are constantly looking to improve. We have a great product that solves an interesting problem the business vision is clearly defined so its easy to feel proud of and excited about what you're doing.

    - really flexible work from home and vacation policy as well as the ability to set your own hours help promote a great work/life balance and allow you to make sure that when you're at work you're performing at your best

    - the leadership team openly encourages/accepts feedback from employees. what's more is they take our feedback seriously and turn it into action items

    - the company takes DIBs (diversity, inclusion & belonging) at work seriously!!! we've been doing a lot of work with bright + early and have recently started an internal dibs guild to ensure that we are always improving. the founders and leadership team talk about diversity and their hiring plans very openly as well which is really unique for the toronto tech start up space, i.e this is NOT the typical bro-y startup culture focused on drinking.

    - we're a small team so there's a huge opportunity to make an impact as well as learn from all sides of the business. as an engineer i get to regularly interact and collaborate with designers, product managers, customer success managers and even sales and marketing to ensure we're delivering the best product. this has lead to a lot of unique learning opportunities for me!

    - lots of career growth and development opportunities! there isn't a cap on learning, if you want to take a class or purchase a book or whatever it is you do to learn the company will support you. the leadership team is dedicated to your professional development: your manager will have regular check ins with you and help you define in set goals to drive you closer to your overarching career goals. recently we've done some cool initiatives to help people find mentors in the field as well


    It's a start up so things move fast and you have to juggle multiple priorities. for some this is an exciting challenge and an environment in which they can thrive and for others this can be overwhelming. If you want to work here recognize where you are on that scale but if you're passionate about what you do and are eager to learn and grow then know you'd be joining a team of like minded people who want to support you and help you reach your goals.

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    Keep doing all the things you're already doing - you've created such a special little pocket in the toronto tech scene! I believe in the future of this company and product and i'm excited to see what else will happen in my time here (which will be long)!

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    Entretien de Customer Success Manager

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Toronto, ON (Canada)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 2 semaines. J'ai passé une entrevue à Opencare (Toronto, ON (Canada)) en juillet 2018.


    Had an initial phone conversation, met with the person who would be my manager, and then had a panel interview with multiple members of their team. The process took about two weeks. Questions are pretty straight forward, all situational and behavioral, mostly based on what your experiences are and how they relate to the position. They're big on culture fit, and tout all these great claims of how progressive and forward thinking they are interns of their approach to people and culture etc. What was very unpleasant and worked to diminish their claims is that after having multiple interviews and meeting many members of their team not one person ever followed up regarding a decision on my candidacy. Even after I had sent follow up emails, nothing. Just silence. From a company that claims to operate on a higher plain I would have expected a bit more.

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