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    Employé actuel - Software Developer
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    I appeared for the first round of the interview where I have been given with two java programs to write. I was asked to write it on the notepad. I believed it was to test if I know all the java syntaxes or not. So I tried my best to resolve it on notepad. Interviewer asked me to share the desktop to him & keeping my laptop camera on. He then asked me to compile the program & show him the output. But as there were some minor syntactical mistakes program was not compiling. At this point I heard a sound of capturing the photo. ( I am not sure why the person is asking to share the screen & then capturing the photo of screen in this modern era of screen recording capabilities.) Then he asked me use IDE to compile the program from there so I used the IDE and while I was doing that I again heard to the same sound. Once I fixed the syntactical errors like missing comma etc. I recompiled it & shown the expected output. But this time I didn't hear the same sound. I believe interviewer was just capturing my failure moments. This was my third time I am getting interviewed in this organization once when I was fresher, I cleared apti gd technical & when technical interviewer asked me to wait for HR round( was happy to hear that for just a short while) when I heard from other representative that I am out of the HR round group. Second time I a got offer for senior tester position but to humiliate me they offered me only 1 lacs of hike on my CTC that time. Now at this third time, I realised that it is not that because I am incapable to answer their questions because of which they are denying me offer but because the core culture of the management is communal which doesn't want to give opportunity to their rival community candidate. In resume reading, they finalised their decision on reading my surname itself. But they want to enjoy by humiliating me in the interview process. I just want to say good luck to this kind of organization for their survival in the industry.

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  • Best leaders in Research and Development service, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP), 2012

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