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Red Hat, Salesforce, Acquia is an idea-to-cloud application platform that simplifies cloud infrastructures.

We give developers the tools they need to experiment, innovate, get rapid feedback and deliver better-quality features with speed and confidence thanks to our unique ... En savoir plus

Mission: We believe developers should concern themselves with features and code quality, not servers and tooling and that Cloud infrastructures can be simplified.

Our mission is to help you move fast without breaking things.

All software deserve ... En savoir plus

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    Ancien employé - Employé anonyme - Grenoble
    Ancien employé - Employé anonyme - Grenoble
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    En 10 ans de carrière il s'agit de l'entreprise la plus humaine pour laquelle j'ai travaillé. Les dirigeants sont éclairés et compréhensifs, le full télétravail pour tous les employés fonctionne très bien, et l'on y côtoie des gens intelligents et originaux. La rémunération est aussi très bonne.


    L'obligation de partager une chambre avec un collègue lors des réunions d'équipe.

    Conseils à la direction

    Continuer comme ça !

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    Entretien de Digital Marketing Specialist

    Candidat à l'entretien anonyme - Saint-Priest, Rhône, Rhône-Alpes
    Aucune offre d'embauche
    Expérience neutre
    Entretien facile


    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 3 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à (Saint-Priest, Rhône, Rhône-Alpes) en mars 2019.


    I just got friend-zoned.

    Interviewed by the VP of People quickly after I submit my resume (that was a good thing).
    The first part was in English and the second one in French because I asked for it.
    The interview was about how well I was handling my current job, what was the drawbacks and the good points being a remote worker, what was my tempered at work.
    Then the VP asked my failures and how would I redo the past if I could.
    After this she presented the company very well and told some insider insights about the startup and the Marketing team.
    I asked 2 questions, one about content production and another on the next steps.
    At end of the 40 minutes I told how great HR she was and how pleased I was about the interview (I could see on her face the smile she got all along go away) and she stammered a little about the fact it went well and waved goodbye.

    Because she said I was welcome to ask anything by mail, I did. But as some other candidates said, you don’t get answers easily.
    I could see mails were opened (thanks to a Tracker) but not answered (I only sent 1 email per week for 3 weeks).

    She finally answered to my last email ( which was asking if ignoring was a way for saying no) saying I wasn’t a good fit and that they went with another profil (I saw the offer published again 2 days before this answer, and 10days and another 16 days). I asked a last question about what I could improve and she said nothing in my case and that I just wasn’t the perfect person for them.

    Because I don’t apply for jobs in general this experience was a bit disturbing. I wasn’t used to that much ignorance afterwards but I can get that saying « it’s a no go for us because you’re not a perfect fit » isn’t easy even for that person with that much experience in HR. I don’t take it personally , because I could not feel the electricity I get when I really really see how badly I want to work with somebody.

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  • Best Horizontal Cloud Solution in Europe, Eurocloud, 2015
  • Pass French Tech, BPI, 2018
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