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    Employé actuel - Associate Producer
    Employé actuel - Associate Producer
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    Je travaille chez Ready At Dawn Studios à plein temps (Plus de 3 ans)


    Making great games with passionate people
    - The employees of RAD are all dedicated to looking at what makes games fun in a variety of different ways. Sometimes it may come off a little chaotic but they are willing to take their time to insure the quality of the end product.

    Studio Culture
    - It has been very clear since day 1 that the admins/founders of the company are fully dedicated to the team. I always rolled my eyes before when people brought up co-workers being like family but the culture they have instilled here is very much a family. There may be some arguments (really just part of the creative process) but at the end of the day everyone is moving toward the same goals and able to hang out after work.

    Hard Work = Pay Off
    - Since starting at RAD I have not only looked at my current task list, but other places that I could help out. The idea of a team is very strong here and when people find ways to help one-another it comes through in the final product. By keeping this mentality in mind, I have managed to move up at least once a year. Hard work truly is rewarded at RAD.

    Pushing the Industry forward
    - RAD is very focused on finding and bringing in new talent. They may have high standards for those they bring in but that is only because the culture is built around being on the cutting edge.
    - Everyone who works here takes great pride in their work and wants to not just make the best looking/feeling product for now, but something that also will be the best 5/10 years from now.


    Strong Personalities
    - Feels like, to be fair, I should mention that there are some very strong personalities roaming the halls at RAD. I personally view them as a challenge to improve myself (especially since creation/passion go hand-in-hand). But I can also understand how this fact may be off putting to some.

    Conseils à la direction

    Continue to build up your team and they will continue to help build you up.

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Ready At Dawn Studios photo de : Ready At Dawn Through the Years
Ready At Dawn Studios photo de : Visitor's lobby
Ready At Dawn Studios photo de : Visitor's lounge
Ready At Dawn Studios photo de : Workstations + Main company kitchen/arcade
Ready At Dawn Studios photo de : 4-player arcade cabinet, missing from photo is a ping pong table
Ready At Dawn Studios photo de : Large studio kitchen, free snacks and drinks!
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    Entretien de 3D Artist

    Employé anonyme - Irvine, CA (États-Unis)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris +4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Ready At Dawn Studios (Irvine, CA (États-Unis)) en février 2012.


    You must first send in a portfolio/resume. After they review that they will do a phone interview followed up with sending you an art test. Unlike most studios you aren't given very little time to complete it (most tests given are with 7-10 day deadlines) and can spend the time required to perfect it.
    If you pass that they will have an in studio interview with you can drive to or if you are too far away they will offer to fly you out. They show you around the studio and make sure you are what they are looking for, it is pretty relaxed.
    Normally you will get an offer that you have 2 weeks to accept when leaving from the onsite interview.

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