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Salesforce est une solution en ligne de gestion de la relation client, ou CRM. Elle offre à toutes vos équipes, notamment marketing, ventes, commerce et service, une vue partagée de vos clients grâce à une plateforme CRM intégrée.

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Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor
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  1. Entretien pour Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Communications

    Employé anonyme, États-Unis
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    I applied for an internal communications role at Salesforce, and this was definitely one of the most upsetting interview experiences I've ever had. The irony is that this role sat on their Equality (DEI) team; as a candidate, I couldn't have felt more devalued and disrespected...two things (among many) that a culture that is truly committed to ensuring others feel safe, seen, and valued would actively work against.

    The interview process was highly disorganized and lacked transparency (which the recruiter unprofessionally blamed on the hiring manager):

    1. First, I was contacted by a diversity recruiter to schedule a phone interview. *I identify as BIPOC, which I presume is why I was contacted by a diversity recruiter*

    2. The next day, the recruiter emails me to push back the interview time because the time slot *she proposed, I accepted, and she confirmed* got double-booked. A little strange but not a big deal at the time, so I agreed.

    Along with scheduling this initial phone interview, the recruiter asked me to complete a writing assessment - a minimum 700-word blog article PLUS a deck slide summarizing the blog. This felt like a big ask for such early stages of the process, but I obliged because I was really interested in the role, Equality team, and Salesforce as an organization.

    THE SAME DAY, 7 hours later - the recruiter emails me again, this time to CANCEL my phone interview, citing that "I just got an update from the hiring manager and she plans to review all of the writing assignments and will then decide who she would like to move forward with. I'll circle back regarding next steps." So no interview, but still wants me to complete the assignment first before they know anything else about me and vice versa. Again, an extensive writing assignment (which took me 8+ hours because it required research + design) without so much as an initial screen seems like a lot to ask of applicants, but as a job seeker, you're often unfairly put in positions where you can either choose between integrity and principle OR doing whatever you need to do to get the job. And all of this is happening during the global pandemic, so needless to say... I needed a job. So despite being highly annoyed at this point, I said "sure, no problem!" and proceeded to waste time on the assignment.

    3. I say "waste" time because that is exactly what happened. The recruiter gave me two days to complete the exercise, and let's say the due date was on a Wednesday. I submitted the assignment on Wednesday and on Thursday (YES THE VERY NEXT DAY!!!), I was told that the hiring manager extended an offer to a finalist. I WAS FLOORED. They were *clearly* in final interview stages with candidates when they initially reached out to me and asked me to engage in an extensive process, yet rather than being transparent about that, the company would rather waste my time (and likely that of many other candidates). When I challenged the recruiter about what happened, she simply blamed it on the hiring manager being wishy-washy and disorganized. And while that may be true, it's *very unacceptable* - just because you're a hiring authority, you don't get to be inconsiderate and disrespectful towards prospective employees. Remember, recruiters and hiring managers, you were once a job seeker. And you likely will be again in the future.

    Definitely NOT a place I'd want to work for if that's how you treat people - a frustrating experience for sure, but you absolutely did me a favor.

    N/A - I did not make it to the initial interview round. See above.

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April 11, 2022
Thank you to our incredible employees at Salesforce for making this an amazing place to work! We've just been named one of the FORTUNE “100 Best Companies To Work For®” for the 14th year in a row! Join us: #100BestCos
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