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Melbourne (Australie)
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Magasins de chaussures, de vêtements et grands magasins
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    « A company of people that don't really care »

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    Ancien employé - Casual
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    The product is expensive, which in some locations means you only get nicer customers (compared to somewhere like supre). 50% off new season womens wear. Occasional bonus if your store makes budget, but then head office and the area managers will 'forget' to approve it.


    I worked at online then went in store as a casual. There is in fact hardly any stock in the online warehouse. It is staffed by staff who don't care, and steal a lot. Head office don't care that online aren't managing their stock levels and don't rectify it leading to regular overselling from online. Senior management refuse to fork out for a software upgrade. The stock systems aren't live, which means 5 people can buy the same shirt from online when there is in fact only one. Someone has to physically refresh the computer. Same as in store, if a store is not refreshing their system then their stock will be displayed wrong to everyone. It's great to implement a system where we use our fingerprints to clock on- but its 2016 and stock control should be live AND accurate.
     There is only about 3 girls working in 'customer service' from online - not enough to serve all of AUS. In store... where do I begin! If you're lucky enough to work at the flagship store you will be visited regularly by head office. Bad returns policy. Customers bring back stock without a receipt 'ohhh I got it as a gift' (we then follow the 'policy' and say no sorry we need a reciept or gift receipt. customer only has to call head office to be told 'exchange only'. WTF? all customers are given a receipt, if not a gift receipt and we can search the transaction on the computer (but not for all of AUS, you have to call that store) then they just need to produce photo ID (which some leave at home HA HA). So many mothers stealing its disgusting. Seed facilitate it. Head office are not supportive at all.

    Conseils à la direction

    - Update POS
    - Fix your returns policy
    - Audit all of your area managers
    - Install security cameras at online
    - Actually while you're there install cameras IN STORE (massive invitation to steal!!!!) repeatedly suggested security cameras only to be told 'its not part of the seed look'.

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    Entretien de Christmas Casual/Sales Assistant

    Employé anonyme - Wellington, Wellington (Nouvelle-Zélande)
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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris 3 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Seed Heritage (Wellington, Wellington (Nouvelle-Zélande)) en octobre 2020.


    The interview process was divided into three sections. We arrived at the store at 6 pm and left around 7:30 pm. It was a group interview and there were 9 other girls there including me and five store managers/NZ Seed managers. For the first part, we all introduced ourselves individually and they asked if we had any questions. Then for the second part it was a role play situation. We went in pairs around the store and each chose an item of clothing. Then one of us had to pretend to be a Seed sales assistant and the other the customer. We had to try interest the customer in the item and answer any questions they might have! I found this scary because I hadn't really done anything like that before, but it was also quite fun :) Then for the last part we had one on one interviews with one of the staff just asking a few questions. Then we all came together again and they thanked us for coming. It was really nice because they tried to make it a friendly relaxed environment so people wouldn't feel so nervous.

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