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De 1 001 à 5 000 employés
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Services informatiques
Entre 100 et 500 millions € (EUR) par an
Sogeti est l’un des leaders des services informatiques et d’ingénierie de proximité, spécialisé dans la gestion des applicatifs et des infrastructures (application and infrastructure management), le conseil en ... En savoir plus

Actualités de l'entreprise


    Défi H 2017 : les gagnants

    Sogeti France, filiale à 100% du groupe Capgemini, en partenariat avec Le Monde Informatique, a décerné hier le prix pour les 3 meilleurs projets d'applications technologiques innovantes au service des personnes en situation de handicap. Charles Rozoy, champion Paralympique de natation à Londres en 2012, est le parrain de cette 6ème édition.

  • Cloud Infrastructure France s'associe à Redhat Inc pour la 3ème édition des Cloud Infra Talks le 19 avril. La thématique ? Cloud et Open Source, état de l'art. Inscriptions

    Cloud Infra Talk 3

    Cloud Infrastructure France s'associe à Redhat et organise le 19 avril la 3ème édition du Cloud Infra Talk : Cloud et Open Source, état de l'art.

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Sogeti – Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?


Information technology has opened new opportunities—allowing you to take your business to the next level. And at Sogeti, IT is our business™ to help you achieve these new possibilities.


So how is Sogeti different? Our core competitive advantages shape our approach to solving problems and delivering solutions—which is the reason our clients choose us over the competition.

  • First, we have deep industry expertise. Our solutions are not “cookie-cutter”—instead, they are custom-tailored to each client’s needs and industry.
  • Next, we have close alliances with the industry’s top providers. Recognized with countless awards from IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle, we have priority access to their best practices and new solutions—which in turn we share with our clients.
  • And last, our unique Local Touch—Global Reach™ business model gives clients the best of both worlds. Our 22 U.S. offices provide personal, face-to-face accountability and easy communication, and we have more than 20,000 experts in 15 countries, pairing out “local touch” with extensive delivery options.


What can we achieve together? Technology has redefined what’s possible in business. At Sogeti, our goal is to redefine what’s possible from a technology partner:

  • Honesty — reflecting personal and business integrity, a sense of honor, respect for commitments and fairness in all contract pursuits and negotiations
  • Boldness — a willingness to take risks, enthusiasm for new undertakings, questioning of what currently exists, enjoyment of competition and entrepreneurial audacity tempered by experience and wisdom
  • Trust — designating responsibility to people and teams, shared decision-making, total openness and the free flow of information and ideas within our company
  • Freedom — fostering independence of mind, judgment and action, the spirit of initiative and creativity, tolerance and respect for others who are different
  • Team Spirit — solidarity, loyalty, camaraderie, and the willingness to share in our collective success
  • Modesty — discretion, spontaneity, and openness in relationships
  • Fun — achieving pride in our work while constantly striving for quality


The IT industry is exciting, fast paced and highly rewarding. That’s also how people describe their careers at Sogeti.

At Sogeti, we pride ourselves on hiring the best and brightest talent across the country. We realize our team is our greatest strength, and as such we know making Sogeti a great place to work is a top priority.



We are dedicated to the success of each person and committed to providing:

  • An exciting, rewarding, and fun work environment.
  • Top training and educational programs to help you reach your professional goals.
  • Opportunities for continued growth and advancement.
  • A highly competitive compensation package.
  • A fun, team based approach—ensuring support is always available.


Recent graduates face the monumental decision of deciding where to take their first job. After years of hard work and studying, it’s time to-put that knowledge into action in the working world. It is important to find a position that’s challenging, exciting, fun and rewarding.


At Sogeti we understand that this is an important big step and that’s why we have programs designed to help ease our recent graduate hires from university life to business life. With programs like our proven boot-camp training and other formal on-the-job training opportunities, we make sure our recent graduates are equipped to enter the workforce prepared and ready to go. Entry level consultants are also provided with the opportunity to shadow and work alongside experienced specialists to ensure your absolute success.


With all of our tools and programs developed with our recent graduates in mind, it is clear that Sogeti is the place to launch your career! 


The demand to cut costs is higher than ever but so is the need to utilize the newest technologies. With our Flexible Staffing model, Sogeti can meet both needs. Rather than waste time and money on recruiting, let us augment your existing staff:


  • Flex teams can ramp-up within two weeks.
  • Capacity pool can be local and/or offshore consultants.
  • We invest in the training and on-boarding to save you more.


With Flexible Capacity, you can reduce fixed costs by up to 25%—allowing you to scale staff services based on demand. Plus, Sogeti has years of experience in managing Flexible Capacity engagements for diverse clients, which means reduced risk and minimized disruption.


Ready to manage your IT demand more successfully? Get the peace of mind that comes from working with the only partner that has standards in place to guarantee availability, quality, and team continuity.


Sogeti’s business was built around a simple tagline: Local Touch—Global Reach™. And while this company mantra is most often associated with the quality solutions we provide to our clients, we believe that this core value plays an equal role in our dedication to helping others and performing community service.


We call it Corporate Social Responsibility, and at Sogeti, it is part of our DNA.


Our goal is simple—make a global impact by empowering change through our local units. Because at Sogeti, we don’t select one organization to support; rather we encourage each of our units across the US to identify and address needs relevant to their local communities. By doing so, we can improve the quality of life for our workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large.


Sogeti’s team is proud to support:
• Over 75 local and national charities.
• An annual Summer of Service program—empowering our employees to give back.
• Green initiatives to protect our environment.

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    Ancien employé - Chef De Projet - Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Yvelines, Île-de-France
    Ancien employé - Chef De Projet - Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Yvelines, Île-de-France

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    Entretien de Branch Manager

    Employé anonyme - Issy
    Offre d'embauche acceptée
    Expérience positive
    Entretien dificile


    J'ai postulé via une recommandation d'un employé. Le processus a pris +4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien à Sogeti (Issy) en février 2015.


    quatre entretiens ont été réalisés :
    Le premier plus opérationnel sur les résultats passés, les méthodes employées, succées et difficultés
    Le second avec les Ressources Humaines sur la personalité
    Le troisieme avec le CEO pour la prise d'engagements
    et enfin le DG pour le positionnement stratégique

    Questions d'entretien d'embauche

    • Résultats passés ?
      derniers succès ?
      derniers échecs ?
      pourquoi cette société ?
      quel ambition pour ce poste ?   Répondre à cette question
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Prix et distinctions de Sogeti

  • Sogeti Global Awards, Multiple Sources, 2016
  • Top Employer, Top Employers Institute, 2014
  • Best Indian Collaboration of the Year 2016, Sogeti Champions Club, 2016
  • Microsoft DevOps Partner of the Year Finalist Award, Microsoft, 2017
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