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Londres, Angleterre (Royaume-Uni)
De 5 001 à 10 000 employés
A.S. Watson Group
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    Ancien employé - Sales Advisor
    Ancien employé - Sales Advisor
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    J'ai travaillé chez Superdrug à temps partiel (Plus d'un an)


    -Generally a friendly place to work
    -Decent staff discount and also for family/friends
    -Shifts were short (4hrs) which suited me as a student
    -Perks like staff competitions/prize draws (I won a few vouchers and hampers)
    -Was fun around Christmas time when employees would dress up etc.
    -Some overtime available if needed
    -I enjoyed serving regular customers who would recognise me and have a chat
    -Opportunities to work your way up if that's what you wanted
    -Recognition for hitting sales targets/selling lots of Star Buys etc.


    -I was always the youngest employee in the store during my two years at Superdrug (started when I was 16) so I was often treated differently because of my age even though I felt more mature than half of the people I worked with
    - Working on New Year's Day (not every Superdrug is open but mine was) - we were the only shop on the street that was open so there were little to no customers all day
    - Managers changing my shifts without informing me then wondering why I wasn't at work
    -Pay is low and there are no bonuses, even when working bank holidays
    -Could get quite boring, particularly on Sundays when the shop was quiet
    -Managers definitely had their favourites and would let them get away with things like not wearing the correct uniform etc. - something I would get told off for if I did the same
    -Had to ask customers an excessive amount of questions at the till which did not always go down well

    Conseils à la direction

    Treat all employees equally and advise employees as soon as possible about changes to shifts.

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    VERY FAST PROCESS. Very easy interview. The successful candidates likely don't realise how hard it is to get a similar role - far more rigorous testing and experience required.

    1) Applied online
    2) Video interview
    3) Assessment (half) day - group task, individual interview, maths test, presentation.
    4) Successful candidates contacted 1.5 days later.

    1) Very simple
    2) 5 questions
    3) Very fun. Honestly I must say this has been one of the best companies I have dealt with in the UK. The department staff were lovely and realistic - they didn't ask stupid questions and recognised some of the maths test was actually quite demanding considering the role.

    The HR person seemed a bit....unkind? The way she spoke about rejected candidates, how she was proud and found it hilarious when people gave poor answers and she rejected them - actually laughing out loud about it. I would be shocked if she didn't lie about candidates behaviour to the department staff simply because she didn't like them for whatever reason despite never having to speak with them once they started working there. She did not present the company well in person.

    This was a job I was genuinely sad I didn't get. I wish the chosen candidates the best of luck as it seemed like a wonderful environment and very supportive team.

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