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Lincoln, NE (États-Unis)
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HealthcareSource, Development Dimensions International

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    They have had some great clients over the years and have some really good products.


    The turnover recently has been so bad - because the best people have been smart enough to leave. The environment is stressful and volatile. For example, intentionally having no HR department equates to an unpredictable, unfair environment and questionable practices with regard to pay equity, sexual harassment, disciplinary and promotion decisions, etc. They espouse teamwork, but what is measured, rewarded and recognized is individual achievement. Rather than promoting a collaborative team environment, being aggressive and self-promoting and even cheating in order to get ahead is what gets you more responsibility and power. Key cornerstones of engagement such as having trust in leadership and a vision that people understand, consistently setting people up to succeed, and having open communication about how and why decisions are made, are weak or non-existent. The capacity to serve the clients and grow the business is thwarted by severe internal dysfunction, and by people competing with each other to ace each other out and get ahead.

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    I wouldn't know where to begin. Besides, it does not make sense to try and change people who do not have the talent to perform.

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    J'ai postulé via une autre source. Le processus a pris +5 mois. J'ai passé un entretien à Talent Plus (Omaha, NE (États-Unis)) en janvier 2019.


    The initial conversation was with the Director of Talent and it went well. He asked me to take the formal interview, which happened one week later, and was a 3 hour phone conversation with many, many questions. Exhausting but, once complete, I sent the requisite follow up thank you email. I heard nothing for 7-weeks until, out of the blue, the Director of Talent called me to set up another interview with him and the two senior consultants I would be working for. We had that conversation one week later and it went very, very well. Only one of the three of them responded to my post-interview follow up email thanking me for my time and eagerly looking forward to next steps. It has been over 3-months since then with radio silence.

    Listen, I know I'm not the right candidate for every job, that's a fact of life and that's OK. But your company is predicated on the idea that you help your clients find and retain talent. Yet, in your own talent acquisition process, you completely blow off candidates. I have to think that lack of internal professionalism bleeds over to your clients.

    As someone who has been in the industry for some time I'll say this; practice what you preach and you'll do a lot better.

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  • Best Small Workplaces(Small & Medium), Fortune and Great Place to Work, 2013
  • Best Small Workplaces, Fortune and Great Place to Work, 2012
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