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    Je travaille chez Trader Joe's à temps partiel (Plus de 5 ans)


    Meeting some really cool people as co-workers.


    No salary consideration for: college degree, previous extensive customer service experience, previous work experience unless in grocery retail

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    I have been with Trader Joe's for over 5 years. Since that time it seems as though Senior Management has decided to test distress tolerance of the employees. Human resources seems to come up with a needless changes every fiscal year. They got rid of the First Mate position, which was akin to an Assistant Manager. Then they came up with this "Double Bubble" competition that allows "exemplary" employees (read favorite employees of Mates and store Captain) to get double their mid-year raise. Next they put anyone working less than 30 hours on the Affordable Care Act, even though the goverment delayed by a year the employer mandate. Now they have gotten rid of the "Merchant" position, that was a Merchandising specialist position, and basically turned them into "Full-time" employees who get to keep wearing their Hawaiian shirts and have not manageent responsibilies.

    My advice to management. Quit the human resouce experiements. Trader Joe's is a VERY profitable company. I do not understand why they cannot share that good fortune and reward their employees with the best wages, the best development, and the best benefits. I used to think that they were the Costco of non-membership retail/supermarket stores, now I think they are just heading down the path of becoming ordinary. If the economy were better, I would seek another job in a heartbeat. The scheduling practices, the favoritism, and the lack of desire to create an atomsphere of paying people with the education and experience that they bring to the job means to me that Trader Joe's is riding the wave perception, but once the reality sets in, they will be another retailer that people just visit not for a "shopping experience', but to buy a few unique items ala Cost Plus and leave the rest of the merchadise behind.

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. Le processus a pris +1 semaine. J'ai passé une entrevue à Trader Joe's en août 2013.


    I was emailed about 3-5 days after I sent in my resume and cover letter. I had a phone interview with the recruiter who was very nice, but also very pressing on actual customer service experience. It started off with an overview of the company and then she had me go through my resume. After that she asked basic questions about career goals, customer service experience, your basic day on your job.

    I come from a Managerial Consulting background and have leadership, team-building, and supervisory experience (about 4 years worth). In the interview she pressed me about how I was more of corporate person. I countered with I deal with people, provide customer service, and have customer service experience from college etc. Clearly they only want people with customer service experience or someone that could wow them more than I could. They are looking for "career growth hunger, passion, enthusiasm, basic intelligence etc." I guess they didn't see that in me, and that isn't a surprise considering there is no job offers from any of the people on here who interview for this job either. Why waste people's time? Just do a better job reviewing resumes.

    Additionally, there is no career growth. That was made clear even-though they promote it on their career website. You can become "Captain" - their word for store manager - after several years, but after that it was clear that there is really no more growth - "our regional VP have been in their positions 15-20 years." I hear the store managers have complete control and make up to the 6 figures, so it isn't all that bad if that is where you want to stop. So don't pick anything higher than Store Manager as your career goal.

    All and all, I would suggest not wasting your time if you don't have 5 years + of retail grocery supervisory experience - just check the LinkedIn profiles of Assistant Store Managers there: it will give you a clue!

    Moreover, one last quote paraphrase: We go through 30,000 plus applications a year and only hire 100 something - so you know your odds, as even if you get the interviews, you can see from the reviews, that they don't hire many at all - what a waste of human capital resources!

    So, all and all, it was a bit disappointing they wasted my time; they could clearly see from my resume I was not the fit they were looking for. Oh well, I have other positions that are higher up and pay better calling me for interviews!

    Good luck to rest of you out there!

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  • Employees’ Choice - 50 Best Places to Work, Glassdoor, 2011
  • Employees’ Choice - 50 Best Places to Work, Glassdoor, 2012
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