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  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Plus de 10 000 employés
  • 1998
  • Entreprise cotée en bourse (VMW)
  • Matériel et logiciels informatiques
  • Entre 10 et 25 millions de dollars US


VMware est le leader mondial des logiciels de virtualisation. Nos technologies simplifient l'informatique et rationalisent les opérations pour rendre votre activité plus réactive, plus efficace et plus rentable. En virtualisant l’infrastructure, depuis le data center jusqu’au ...

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Raghu Raghuram
Raghu Raghuram
4 évaluations
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4 juin 2021 - Lead Systems Engineer, Paris, 75
Perspective positive
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VMware est une société informatique américaine fondée en 1998.


filiale d'EMC Corporation depuis 2004, qui propose plusieurs produits propriétaires liés à la virtualisation d'architectures x86. C'est aussi par extension le nom d'une gamme de logiciels de
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  1. Entretien de SMTS - Senior Member of Technical Staff

    Employé anonyme, Bangalore
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    J'ai postulé via un recruteur. Le processus a pris 4 semaines. J'ai passé un entretien chez VMware (Bangalore)


    I will be very frank in this review.

    Recently I got interviewed at Vmware for SMTS position. I had in total 6 rounds of technical interview. In all the rounds interviewers mainly focused on following areas : Multithreading (Scheduler, Pub Sub pattern etc.) , Datastructures and Algorithms, Problem solving capabilities and core programming concepts.
    I must say all rounds went well and Had really good discussion. Howsoever the questions were, I enjoyed answering them.

    Now, I don't understand one single point. Why do these Hr's, who are so polite before you start the interview process, immediately start ghosting you after you are done with interviews ? I mean seriously Why ? Is it really required ? I mean, They don't even bother to give you any kind of feedback and neither bother to reach you out to you or at least reply to you. Why? Haven't we both invested our time in this whole process ? Doesn't candidate deserve to know what happened ? Or is this in culture to not respect people as humans ? No wonder why people don't respect HR once they are on-boarded.

    I really don't care and have never cared whether i get selected or rejected, but what I have always cared about is feedback. I have no shame in admitting that i was not selected in Amazon once, but what I liked about them is they came back to say that they can't hire me and provided a proper feedback. That's where a company makes an impression. But these guys. Ahhh. I was reading about these things happening in other reviews but was not sure to believe them. But now I believe them.

    Improvement area :
    Though I have no complains from interviewers but one thing I want to say, whenever you are asking your candidate to turn on his camera please make sure that you are turning on your camera as well, Or either extend your apology if by any reason you can't turn it on. Otherwise It sounds really very rude and disrespecting when this happens. And in Vmware, It happened in all the rounds . No one even cared to turn on their camera. Not even manager.

    Try to train your interviewers to try and find out the strengths that any candidate possess, instead of spending time in finding out their weakness. It would really help VMWare in long run and would definitely improve the working environment in Bangalore office, that I can see in all the reviews, is a mess right now.

    "Its never a rotten Farm, There are always a few bad apples, giving the impression that the whole Farm is rotten"

    - Some DS questions (medium level) - Lots of Multithreading questions (Create a Task Manager, Create a Scheduler, Implement Producer consumer, How async await works internally, what is Context synchronization, ConfigureAwait, and few other Multithreading scenarios) - Javascript core concepts, SQL query, Design API Throttling, Design your own PUB SUB Pattern - Few core programming language concepts, like finding output, improving code implementation, finding issues in code, etc.

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14 juin 2021
It’s our honor to welcome Raghu Raghuram as VMware's new CEO!
Shared image - A Message from VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram
A Message from VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram
13 avril 2021
"A lot of colleague interaction has now disappeared in a traditional sense. As human beings, we need to understand that human contact and engagement needs more verbal attention, especially when we do not see each other 'in person' as much as we used to." - Duncan Hewett Senior Vice President & GM, Asia Pacific & Japan at VMware #FutureofWork #VMwareLife
Shared image - Compassion As a Management Tool in The Future Of Work - VMware Careers
Compassion As a Management Tool in The Future Of Work - VMware Careers

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  • Fit Friendly Company (Gold Level)American Heart Association2014
  • Top 100 IDEAL™ EmployerUniversum USA2014

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