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Auckland, Auckland (Nouvelle-Zélande)
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  • « If you get the opportunity to work at Vend - DO IT! »

    Ancien employé - Business Development Executive - Melbourne (Australie)
    Ancien employé - Business Development Executive - Melbourne (Australie)

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    My time at Vend reasonably short, but in that time it was immediately clear to me what the three main things were that made it such an awesome place to work.
    1 - The people. It is not common you find a workplace that makes you feel like you are spending time with your family regardless of if you're at home or at work. The people of Vend have managed to cultivate an environment where people feel cared for, thought of when business decisions are made and included in on most of those decisions. From upper management down, everyone is approachable, everyone is cared for and most importantly, everyone can have a laugh with each other. The Melbourne office is a hive of activity and when you throw in the collaboration of each of the other offices, that is what made Vend an awesome place to be.
    2 - The product. Coming from a retail background myself, I knew what the industry need from tools for their business to run smoothly and Vend was so far ahead of what I expected when I first heard about them. The software is evolving constantly to always improve. Customers will let businesses know what they would like looked at, but how often does a business actually listen and give that customer what they are asking for? Vend does exactly that. I was satisfying to me knowing that I worked for a company that cared about the customer as much as I did. Being in a sales based role, the fact Vend was so innovative and developed with such pace made the sales process really easy.
    3 - The founder. The founder of Vend, Vaughan Furgusson, was what sparked my first interest in Vend when I looked at the job. Soon after commencing my role I found him to genuinely inspiring. He is one of the main driving forces for technological integration within retail world. He is definitely one of the key reasons Vend has cultivated and environment where people care about retailers and the industry as a whole so much. He is so entrepreneurially minded in the way he interacts with both the employees of Vend and its customers. He doesn't make you feel like you HAVE to do your best work, he makes you feel like you WANT to.


    Vend was a pretty awesome place to work. In my duration there, I struggled to find anything seriously negative.

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. J'ai passé un entretien à Vend.


    I went through 2 stages of the interview.

    The first stage was good enough. 3 interviewers asked general questions regarding CS covering most aspects of related knowledge. Quite a good experience.

    While the second one is for me to finish a small backend project with any language or framework that I'm familiar with. Here comes the problem. Because they all use Go language for work and they are not quite familiar with the popular language I used. They asked questions like why do you do this, what're the benefits? I was like explaining to newbies... I guess it's my problem not getting fully prepared for this kind of questions. But it is kind of awkward.

    So I failed for the 2nd stage.

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  • Best Workplaces in New Zealand, IBM Kenexa, 2012
  • Customer Service Department of the Year(Gold Stevie Award), The American Business Awards, 2015
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