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    Employé actuel - Operations - Tempe, AZ (États-Unis)
    Employé actuel - Operations - Tempe, AZ (États-Unis)
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    In my almost 4 years, I have learned and grown so much. I have never been afforded as much opportunity at any other company as I was at Zenefits. I truly am grateful for my time spent here, the lessons I learned and the people I met.


    Given the above, much has changed over the years; from management to company values, and almost all these changes have been for the worse.

    When I first started, there was an overwhelming feeling that the work you did mattered, to your clients, and to the growth and success of the company. It felt like we were building something together, and everyone was excited to be a part of it. Zenefits was a place where every employee felt valued and necessary. New ideas were encouraged and the good ones were tried out, regardless of if the idea came from a support associate or a VP. People were recognized and promoted for their hard work and innovation.

    That's what it used to be... now Zeneifts is a bit of a spiraling mess. Management seems intent on running off any talent left at the company by tasking them with impossible deadlines and ridiculing them publicly. It has become an extremely hostile and toxic workplace where VPs/execs/upper management will regularly call out employees, embarrass, and scold them in meetings or public chat channels.

    There is a lot of clear favoritism as far as promotions and hiring goes. People are regularly moved in to positions without the proper interview processes taking place, simply because the right people like them. This has resulted in several departments of the company being severely mismanaged to the point of barely functioning.

    Innovation is encouraged, but pointless. If you have a good idea and it makes it to someone with the resources to implement said idea, they will simply take credit. This is a trend at Zenefits. People will regularly steal someone's idea, or take a previously presented idea and tweak it a bit to present it as their own and gain some clout with the execs.

    I would not recommend anyone work at Zenefits, nor purchase their software.... Unless some serious changes are made ASAP.

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    J'ai postulé en ligne. J'ai passé un entretien à Zenefits.


    After intial phone interview, I did the technical video interview. I did not find the technical interview process professional. The funny thing is that the developer interviewing me said, it is not possible to solve it with recursive algorithms.

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    • Given a complete binary tree, find the total number of node and if it is not complete it should return -1   2 Réponses
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  • The Hottest Startups Of 2014, Forbes, 2014
  • 11 of the Bay Area's Highest Valued Unicorns, Biz Journals, 2015
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