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    They gave me free coffee.


    Everything. This was back in 2016 when I had just graduated and was desperate for a job. I had a minor in marketing, and was compelled to apply when they advertised the position as a Junior Marketing Exec. As it turns out, this was completely false information, and they were actually looking for door-to-door saleswomen/men to pawn off cheap, shoddy cell phones to unwitting patrons. The "interview", if you can even call it that, was a complete joke. The manager gave me skeevy vibes and was completely unprofessional. He didn't ask me any questions about my interest in the company nor my qualifications. He just went on a long monologue about his life and success and how many sportscars he owns. His "advice" to me (which I never asked for) was to 'never listen to my parents' and do what I want. This was just the first part of a long and uncomfortable onboarding process. The "assistant manager", or whoever he was, proceeded to walk me through the city streets to a nearby coffee shop where he buttered me up with free frappuccinos and more monologues about how much success working at this company had brought him. He did this all while laying out the format of the company to me. Basically, it would be my job to sell cruddy flip phones to patrons. The more commissions I got, the higher up in the company I'd move, until I too could become a junior assistant manager and own my own branch of the company. Right. It was here where I realized that this was all just a pyramid scheme and had little to nothing to do with marketing. I was desperate though, and decided to hear him out. I even said I would accept the job after they offered it to me. Later in the day, however, after doing some serious reflection, I came to my senses and declined. I never heard from any of them again. Based on the other comments here, it seems my gut instinct was correct.

    Long story short, this place is a scam. They falsely advertise the position, and then try to reel you in, banking that you'll say yes in order to avoid post-graduate joblessness. Don't buy into it. You'll be happier getting a regular part-time job at a grocery store than working here. I'm just glad I was able to escape in time.

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    Stop being crooks.

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    Walking through the long dark hallway to a makeshift office was off putting. The office setting was not professional as the front desk employees seemed to be wrapped up in their own world. After interviewing for this company, it was clear of how this company worked. It has to be a pyramid scheme as the hiring manager drew out the plan and explained it as such. I hope my instincts were wrong, but this company did not seem professional.

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