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Notre mission est d’aider les personnes à trouver des emplois et des entreprises qui leur plaisent, où qu’elles soient. Ce faisant, nous transformons toute une industrie grâce au pouvoir de la transparence sur le lieu de travail. Rejoignez-nous!
Mission : Aider les personnes à trouver des emplois et des entreprises qui leur plaisent, où qu'elles soient.

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23 févr. 2021


In addition to the new Diversity & Inclusion features, our Glassdoor Economic Research team recently published a preliminary analysis on how Black employees’ workplace satisfaction differs from other employees.

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23 févr. 2021

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To celebrate Black History Month, Glassdoor is highlighting several influential Black employees within our BUILD ERG (Blacks, United, In Leadership and Development) across the customer success, content, engineering, product verticals. These leaders are diverse, passionate, and driven and are incredible examples of Black Excellence. This week, meet Nonso Maduka, a product director at Glassdoor!

Glassdoor - Pourquoi nous rejoindre ?

Nous sommes transparents

Nous sommes ouverts et honnêtes. Nous partageons toutes les informations, les bonnes comme les mauvaises, afin de pouvoir apprendre, collaborer et prendre les bonnes décisions en permanence.

Nous sommes innovants

Nous recherchons activement des manières nouvelles et différentes de faire avancer la mission de Glassdoor. Nous nous forgeons notre propre chemin en remettant en question le statu quo.

Nous sommes bien intentionnés

Nous travaillons ensemble avec intégrité, respect et compassion les uns pour les autres. Nous partageons de bons moments ensemble. Nous sommes inclusifs, justes et humbles tout en restant confiants. Nous faisons ce qu’il faut, un point c’est tout.

Nous avons du cran

Nous sommes résilients, ingénieux et combatifs. Nous considérons les défis comme des opportunités. Avec passion et courage, nous nous serrons les coudes pour réussir.

Apprenez-en davantage sur nos valeurs, avec l’éclairage de nos dirigeants, ici.

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Christian Sutherland-Wong
Christian Sutherland-Wong
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17 janv. 2021
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« Super équipe belle entreprise »

Ancien employé - Customer Service Manager (CSM), Paris
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    When I first applied for the role, I received an email a week later saying they weren't interested, but then another week later, I received another email saying they would like to proceed with an interview. This should have been a red flag but I proceeded with the interview process anyway.

    Once scheduled, the entire process took a month, and there was a series of 4 interviews:
    - First was with their HR/recruiting person (30 mins)
    - Second was with one of the managers of the support team (30 mins)
    - Third was with the other manager of the support team, 2 people on the support team (one of them senior), and the display ops manager (1.5 hours)
    - Fourth was with the same senior support person and the associate director (1.25 hours)

    During the interviews they asked questions about my work history, values, personality, and hobbies. They inquired as to how I have handled certain work situations and dynamics in the past, as well as how I would handle them now. I also role played for 2 off-the-cuff mock call scenarios.

    I think the entire process was a bit repetitive, as multiple people who interviewed me asked the same questions, but overall the interactions were conversational in nature and everyone was kind. The HR/recruiting person was also very responsive and good about following up between interviews, asking how they went, and encouraging open communication.

    Unfortunately, things started to take a turn when I was rushed to pick availability for my last interview, as they wanted to make their final decision on who to hire quickly. When the day came to hear back from them on their decision, they told me there would be a delay of 5 more days (including a weekend) at the latest. I heard nothing from them for that entire 5 day period. No calls, no emails.

    I ended up emailing them the morning after the final decision day requesting an update. I heard back from them at the very end of the day via email, an impersonal response saying they had just called and left a voicemail and good luck. There was no call notification or voicemail on my phone, and no real explanation as to why they failed to follow up with decision deadlines they had set, twice, after a month of consistent correspondence.

    I ended up emailing them back letting them know I have followup questions (they did offer to answer any in that same email), but I never heard back and I’m not surprised. Im certain that if I had never followed up, I never would have heard from them in general.

    Not getting an offer is not what bothers me (sometimes it’s just not the right fit and that’s ok), but it’s the lack of followup and disregard for my time, coming from a company that claims to be all about communication, transparency, and making the interview process empowering for all parties. Living your values is important as a company. Without that, there is a flawed culture, and that is nowhere I want to work anyway.

    Luckily, I am a fan of making sure that potential employees have the information they need, and Glassdoor has this handy review tool to make that happen.

    Good luck, fellow job searchers and workers!

    - What values mean the most to you? - What do you like to do in your spare time? - Tell me about a time you had a disagreement with a coworkers and what you did to resolve it. - What is something Glassdoor can do to better position itself?

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