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Senior Texturer F/H/NB

22 candidates • Permanent contract
Paris (75)

Position Duties

  • Are you passionate about digital art and have a keen eye for details to create realistic and captivating textures ?
  • Do you have experience using software like Blender, Substance Painter, and Photoshop ?
  • Do you have experience creating textures for different artistic styles (realistic, stylized, etc.) and for different types of assets (characters, environments, objects) ?

Why do we need a Texturer ?
Today we are working on the development of three games (one A, one AA, and one AAA) and therefore varied environments where textures and materials will be essential to define the visual aesthetics of the games.

Your future team
  • The team (10 to 15 people in total) is composed of graphic designers, tech artists, animators, programmers as well as people more specialized in Level Design and Game Design. You will work in correlation with all these people.
  • All supervised by Jérémie (Artistic Director) and Eric (Lead 3D Art), your future manager.
  • Eric, Lead 3D Art, started in publishing by illustrating book covers (like Philip K. Dick) and collaborated with authors like Gerard Klein. He then evolved in the video game industry, working for companies such as Quantic Dream, Ubisoft, and EA, and contributing to games like The Nomad Soul and The Sims. With experience in various graphic positions, Eric can synthesize the needs of a graphic team while managing production constraints and maintaining a work environment based on sharing and respect.
  • Jérémie, Artistic Director, has over 15 years of experience in video games in Montreal, having been Associate Artistic Director and Senior Concept Artist on franchises like Dead by Daylight and Star Citizen. He specializes in defining a clear and effective artistic vision through artistic direction documents and is attentive to details to provide you with all the tools and resources necessary to achieve the production teams' objectives.

Key information
  • Permanent contract
  • Availability : Early January 2024 (if available before, do not hesitate to apply ! )
  • Location : Paris or Montreal
  • Compensation (France) : 36k to 44k (+ depending on profile)
  • Benefits (France) : Full remote possible, 25 paid holidays + 12 RTT, Lunch vouchers via Swile, Health insurance via Alan 100% covered
  • Compensation (Canada) : 80k to 100k (+ depending on profile)
  • Benefits (Canada) : Full remote possible, 20 paid holidays, Premium health Insurance, Opening of a retirement savings account after the probation period validation

Candidate Profile

Your future impact
  • You will create materials, PBR shaders, and procedural textures for our games while respecting technical constraints.
  • You must master Blender, Substance Painter, Photoshop (or GIMP), and have knowledge of tileable textures and texture bank management as well as Atlas textures and Trim sheets to optimize draw calls.
  • You will also participate in the improvement of workflows (assets and automation tools) and communication with subcontractors by writing functional and technical specifications.
  • You will collaborate closely with terrain and voxel programmers and share your knowledge and expertise with the Art team.

For players, your impact will be significant on their immersion and gaming experience.
For the game, your impact will be crucial for its credibility, realism, and resource consumption of our games.
For internal teams, your impact will be to model, design, and bring to life the scenery and terrains programmed by them.

Additional Information

Processus de recrutement
  • 1. First exchange (30 min) by phone with Arthur (Recruiter) : To learn more about your experience, your interests, and to talk about the position and Novaquark.
  • 2. Technical / Manager interview (1 h) by video with Eric (Lead 3D) : To assess your technical skills and meet your future Manager who will present the position in more detail.
  • 3. Job offer (10 min) by phone with Arthur : If everything is positive on your side and ours, it will be the natural evolution of our recruitment process.
Throughout the recruitment process, Arthur will ensure follow-up and coordination. Do not hesitate to send your portfolio in addition to your CV to see your creations ! "

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