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On a demandé à un Python Programmer/Physicist...29 juin 2016

About my thesis

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I tried to explained what I did for my MSc. thesis. The interviews said "understood" several times, but the report from the HR said I didn't explain the concept "correctly". Moins

Innominds Software

What made you to choose this job position

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Which I was completely interested in learning languages


My own question about the company. I ask where the company will go after 5-10 years.

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The interviews believed that either it will get absorbed by other big players (ASML, Nikon) or become a big player in the field. Moins

Larsen & Toubro

They depend on them

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I talk about my acknowledge

Hurricane Labs

Tell me about your past experience.

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Not the most difficult interview, technically.


How to ensure a perfectly flat wafer position.

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I came up with several options, including an optical setup and seeking help from the mechanical department. The answer turned out to be using a vacuum pump to hold the wafer, with some assumptions that even one of the interviewers had to admit to be shaky. The other interviewer said he didn't know the answer during the interview. Subsequent report from the HR said I wasn't interested in mechanical design, a surprise since the position is more about programming and Physics. Moins

Quick Heal

Tell me about your project and how did you implement it. what was the team size and what's your role.

Caliber IT Solutions

Straight forward tech interview, mostly Python related. Explained the last implementation and the project that I worked on was one of the questions. Where checking why I resigned from my last job etc...


Reverse a string, duplicate strings in word,even and odd numbers

Celebal Technologies

Why do we use stack data structure for DFS?

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