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Mis à jour le 26 sept. 2023

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NVIDIA CEO and Co-Founder Jensen Huang
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NVIDIA CEO and Co-Founder Jensen Huang
Jensen Huang
3 071 évaluations
    1. 5,0
      26 sept. 2023
      Software Engineer
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      Everything pretty much, culture is good money is decently good, they care for their employees


      It is a hardware oriented company so mny jobs even for software require Hardware knowledge (not much of a cons but if you are planning to apply then be thorough with your hardware knowledge)

      1. 1,0
        11 juil. 2023
        Security Architect
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        San Jose, CA
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        Stock, RSUs, work from home, liberal


        Hands down the worst company I have ever worked for. Workplace bullying and harassment has been an ongoing issue for years (decades) by certain individuals within the product security team. These and other corporate policy violations have been called out over many years to executive management in human resources and Tegra System. I have seen and heard of, - A Vice President threatened and intimidated an individual who brought up workplace bullying issues with their staff. This was captured in a formal HR complaint and reported to numerous people within management. HR did not investigate even after asking several times, this is willful negligence. - Individual bullied others by screaming, yelling, and cussing people out. Intimidation, slander, and intellectual dishonesty were a common occurrence. Executive management and human resources knew about this issue for 20 years and never properly addressed it. - A director had a web page containing porn up during a meeting, human resources let this individual slide. - A Senior Vice President was caught laughing their head off on a recorded teams video meeting while an individual maliciously slandered others, disgusting. - A manager deliberately gave harder technical interviews to people of color. This individual has grown this reputation within their organization for years. Violation of federal laws? The above is just a few examples of corporate negligence and poor organization culture. For those in the security field, or any other field, look elsewhere. I have seen more security architects come and go from NVIDIA than any other.


        NVIDIA takes allegations such as these very seriously. Employees are encouraged to report all workplace concerns so that they may be promptly addressed. Concerns may be escalated to your manager, HR, or the Compliance alias, or raised anonymously through our confidential third-party reporting platform. Further information is available on NVINFO.

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