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Cure world hunger.


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NR le


Birth control plain and simple. Control birth rates by people using preventative measures and you reduce birth rates. Providing more food does not solve the problem because they just keep multiplying over and over. Thats why birth control is the only real solution.

Mr Guy le


If someone in an interview looked me in the eye and said, "Cure world hunger," I'd say, "Great. I'd be happy to! Let me know what I have to work with, how large the team is and, by the way, what's the salary for this? I'm ready."

ACB le


Stop trying to beat Nature. We are only delaying the inevitable of when overpopulation consumes all the the resources and commodities (like water) no longer exists for food production.

Vitsing le


"knowledge n money cn buy 2 anything u want....i wud've created jobs that could meet the needs of every section of the society....n wud've set up free schools for all underprivileged children as well as adults..." Fascinating. Personally, I'd try and find a way to trim the population down to about 2b.

RS le


Assuming I am the United States Federal Government, I would eliminate all farm subsidies to US farmers. I would re-appropriate that same money (some $6+ billion ) and buy food from local farmers in countries where people are hungry. Currently, farm subsidies encourage US farmers to dump US grown products in hungry countries. This new strategy would not only feed people, but also help grow local economies, helping alleviate the structural causes of hunger and poverty.



How could you cure world hunger? Easy. Destroy the world. If everyone is dead, the problem is cured. Realistically though, as long as there is scarcity in the world, there will always be hunger. If you were to divert enough resources and manpower to feeding every last person, you could theoretically solve the problem. However, such an imbalanced allocation of resources would end up causing huge problems for the world's economy and leave us all much worse off than we were before.

Sean le


If I could answer that, would I be applying for this job?

Janet le


Practice and preach to consume for one's necessities

HV le


teach everyone to fish

Curtis le


How you answer this is telling. If you give up and say it's not solvable, you're probably right but toast. I think a good answer says something about addressing global export policy, leveraging first world technology while maintaining ecological integrity, and always keeping local people and resources.

diana le


replace h with b and n with r.....)

lakshman le


let me fast for 3 days continuously and get back to you.

Utilisateur anonyme le


with food, of course.

John le


Did you really just suggest 'selling' nukes? That might cure hunger by triggering a nuclear holocaust...

@Lisa le


World hunger cannot be cured, the population keeps rising not the food production. Even if the production is raised, it will not meet the demand of 7 billion people.

rp le


Hunger is not a disease to be cured.. The issue is to provide food to those who are alive.. I would ask those having plenty to start eating less to save them from being obese and provide them to those who had less.

Tushar le


Have no serious solution I admit but to be serious I believe communism (ok it failed) was closest in history to having solved hunger on a national scale - there are a lot of Chinese and Russians in the world. It must be admitted then that key ideas to a solution are mass labour, mass sharing, and maybe the totalitarianism that ensures it! So its not a perfect world Im envisioning here but a solution to the poser above. Communism is not the end of your life but war plague natural disaster and the resultant hunger could be.

LChabbi le


Here's an infalliable two-pronged approach: 1. End animal agriculture. Over 80% of the grain and soy produced in this country is wasted on livestock to produce a highly inefficient food product that we don't even need. With the food resources we throw away on livestock alone, we could easily feed 9 billion people. 2. Universal access to family planning. All the food in the world is useless without contraception, because the population will simply increase to exceed the carrying capacity once again. As they say, when you feed hungry people, all that happens is they just make more hungry people. So birth control is a must.

Easy le


I would devide that answer into two parts: 1. If thinking in terms of short-term goals OR 2. If thinking in terms of long-term goals For 1. I would say the answer be provide or distribute food from developed countries to under- developed or developing countries soo food is evenly distributed and reached to all and secondly develop jobs for every level of society For 2. I would say try to decrease or control population, so increase berth control awareness and secondly open free schools to increase literacy rate soo that everyone can work and earn for his/her family...

Neha le


Curing world hunger is impossible. If you give a part of Africa, the machines, the seeds, the tools, and the water source, it seems like a great idea. But, what can go wrong? The fields get plowed, the seeds get planted, the water feeds the soil, and the plants grow to maturity. The problem is that many of those from the outlying areas will come in and steal the crops, trample the plants, and contaminate the water supply. Planned development of a guarded farming tract, will help those of that community. As the gardened tracts expand, so does the community. Protection of the crops, as well as the community, will create paying jobs and responsibility within the community.

Hillary C. le


Insects - they have the highest calorie to body mass ratio of any food.

Utilisateur anonyme le


@Abhijit, I don't think communist-leaning rationing is what Amazon wants to hear. It's an open-minded and liberal but capital-driven company that believes in competition. In fact they'd respond better to the opening of markets - and moreover information sharing that allows resources to be diverted to where they're needed. For example, cell phones have been used by fishermen in rural India to identify which markets are paying what prices, allowing them to bring their goods to the markets with higher demand, and allowing less fish to go to waste.

OC le


Sorry to all who say "Grow more", based on my limited knowledge, there is already enough food produced on earth than 8+ billion people can consume it. Infact we are wasting just too much good because of surplus. Story might be different for individual countries though. So we do not need to grow more, nor money is the answer. I think spreading Awareness is the right way to go about it.

Mitesh S le


@ RS. sounds like you've been reading Odum's "A Prosperous Way Down", haven't you?

Ryan le


Two methods: one, increase food production so there is enough food to go around; two, reduce the number of people who consume food so there is enough food to go around.

Tony T Lee le


I liked Janet's answer. I think I would just say I had not realised it was one of the responsibilities of the post I was applying for.

JohnR le


This is a ridiculous question. Obviously, if we were in a perfect world where plants didn't die and gasoline for transporting it didn't cost you an arm and a leg and if everyone would be willing to work, there would be no world hunger. But to make it go away you would have to make the world perfect, which is impossible. First, you would have to make plants immortal. Already impossible. Second, gas prices would need to be brought down, which seems impossible to us today. Third, you would have to make it so that everyone had to work. This is impossible because some people can't work and some people are too lazy to work (although they have no problem making tax payers work for them while they have kids and buy useless junk). Bottom line, even if you could get food to all people, some people wouldn't choose to take it for one reason or another.

Stephanie le


Eat mor chickin, as the ad says!!!!!

Fat Man le


ME: I'm glad we're on the same page.

Paul le


I agree with NR and Mr Guy.

DibblesMcPhee le


practically you cann't cure hunger of everyone. Because we infact don't know what's a hunger meant for someone? We can suggest the best ways to fulfill it but cann't feed them with it. So, for example if in case of knowledge, i bet you might not have solid cure.

Saurabh le


"hunger" is the effect of a bigger cause, the rich obese people on this earth. Cuttle the food supply to the "Cause" and you would not only end up curing "Hunger" but curing lot of lifestyle illness. 1. Ration all food supply. 2. Remove the middlemen between the farmers and the consumers. They are eating the profit which in turn increasing the price. 3. Encourage people to grow vegetables in their open barren space. 4. Reduce corruption and punish people who try to game the process.

Abhijit le


This is a logistics question for Amazon. First consider the questioner - they changed an industry from a brick and morter, consumer comes to us model to an online purchase, we get it to the consumer model through superior warehousing/distribution supply chain. Second, consider the facts in the situation: Yes, we are capable of producing enough food to sustain the world's population. The countries and regions facing hunger issues (basic supply and demand problem) are generally lacking in proper climate conditions, infrastructure, skilled labor, and/or technology to sustain food supplies to their people. Add to that government instability and poor economic conditions which create more barriers as well as food product expirations and spoilage. The problem is now framed in an Amazon relevant context: How do you amass, store, ship and distribute given the barriers and inherent issues of product shelf life?

Utilisateur anonyme le


That question is so inappropriate I don't know where to start. I might actually walk out on that one.

Shelagh le


1. Become president 2. Cut 75% of Federal programs and about 20% of taxes. (studies have shown that cutting the taxes will actually somewhat increase revenue by increasing incentives for entrepreneurs) 3. Use tax revenue to increase nuclear storehouses and temporarily employ medical professionals and sufficiently trained medical students to begin an international project. 4. Train medical personnel to diagnose malnourishment and to teach others to do the same. 5. Begin in the US by training and enlisting volunteers to A. find the malnourished in the country, and/or doing the same abroad and B. commit to helping to feed the malnourished once found 6. Repeat process for every allied country, sending medical personnel to diagnose and train volunteers to assist in finding malnourished and treating/feeding them. Leave staff on call in each country to follow up later. 7. Once all of the accomodating countries have been reached, use the renewed support of our friendly nations and our strong nuclear threat to subdue, or depose if necessary, the dictators that tend to intercept funds meant to reduce hunger. 8. Repeat disbursement of medical staff into the final countries. 9. Begin process of selling nuclear weapons to the levels before project. 10. Use revenue to feed and treat the many malnourished we would find in the last countries. Any revenue left over goes to any additional malnourished we didn't get to in the previous countries. 11. Ta-da!

Lisa le


knowledge n money cn buy 2 anything u want....i wud've created jobs that could meet the needs of every section of the society....n wud've set up free schools for all underprivileged children as well as adults...

sheetal le

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