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What are three long term challenges facing google?


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Three potential long term challenges facing Google are: 1. The propensity for people to become immune to PPC ads. This could happen either because people find them less relevant or because they pose as an annoyance on the screen. 2. The transition from keyword search to "conceptual" search or other competing technology that results in a more precise solution to the consumer's needs. 3. The top two, combined with an overall loss of "search" users substituting affiliate technologies such as YouTube to find the information they need more readily and more easy to consume.

John Ledoux le


I think this answer should be given on a broader strategy perspective, and not strictly concentrated on details. However that's just up to personal opinions. In my opinion, three potential long term challenges for Google are: 1. The increasing success of Facebook and its related services, as well as their partnership with Bing. Reports show that Facebook plans to implement a search engine. Whether this search engine would be developed solely by Facebook or in partnership with Microsoft is irrelevant. It would dramatically affect Google numbers, since millions of users would start searching directly from Facebook's social network. Solution: only solution is to increase influence in the social networking atmosphere. For instance, acquiring Path and boosting Google+, joining both of them for an added-value user experience. 2. Market diversification. Google, as most tech companies, started with one product and then diversified their product catalogue. Many companies have failed in their diversification. By diversifying in a wide range, many of them have failed in multiple fields and achieved success in none of them. On the other side, other companies haven't diversified enough and this situation has provoked huge sale losses (ex. Cisco). Solution: Google needs to continue its diversification rhythm but not forgetting the end user's thinking style. Tech diversification involves creating an atmosphere in which all products are in the same style, using the same platforms. (namely, Apple products). (Counter-example: Microsoft products (although they've realized about this not a while ago and things are slowly changing in that sense). 3. Google's influence in the entertainment and multimedia industry. As part of Google global strategy, they have increasingly tried to diversify into the entertainment industry. Sadly, there is still a long way to achieve success in this field. Google Music is a growing platform but its numbers are not comparable to other services such as Spotify or iTunes. Solution: acquiring Spotify. In the TV aspect, Google TV cannot grow at its fullest potential while depending on SONY devices Logitech boxes. Reports show that cable and satellite customer numbers are going down in favor of online services. Solution: implementing a portable platform runnable on the Chrome browser and on other devices such as Sony Playstation 3, with partnerships with content providers. Possible partnership or venture with Hulu would be suitable.

Antonio Bustamante Mirayo le


In my opinion the 3 key challenges for company like Google, which is immensely focused on innovation, solving problems related to internet and has the mission to manage world information would be... 1) Culture: With its ever expanding reach in terms of # of employees, locations, offices, teams, products and services how Google make sure to continue maintain the culture of first of all HIRING the right people and then making sure the INNOVATION doesn't die down. There are only so many smart creative people in the world or only so many can be made to adopt that thought process. DNA of Google is innovation, smart people and think BIG (10X), which I think is crux of its success. 2) Diversification: Striking the right balance between how much to diversify in product lines and how much to control. Google is moving or has moved into into robotics, android, mobile phone, laptops, cloud, computer engines, solar, energy, internet, cars, google glass, artificial intelligence, wedding planners, social media and many more. The key point is how to keep control of all these product lines and also to understand how they will help Google achieve its mission. 3) Competition: Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, etc. are posing competition and coming from all directions. Google will be devise a strategy on how to maintain its lead in SEARCH space, advertising space and other revenue sources. Sundar Pichai is new head of almost all products except YouTube, so it would be interesting to see what are the next BIG things Google will come out with.

Vinay Solanki le


1. Over diversification 2. Poor support 3. Sloppy releases 4. Monopolistic search algorithms 5. Predatory ad placement. All of these things lead to the core issue, which is a poor user experience.

Google, shmoogle le

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