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Actualités de l'entreprise

  • 4 weeks , 4 stories. Pride month. Here is our final story for Pride month, but we are proud all year round so look out for more stories as the year continues. Here's Brandons “Past, present and proud” story:

  • 4 weeks , 4 stories. Pride month. Isobel shares her candid “Past, present and proud” story.

  • 4 weeks , 4 stories. Pride month. Susan shares her “Past, present and proud” story.

  • 4 weeks of Pride, 4 people stories. Nejc shares his “Past, present and proud” story.

  • Global Head of Data Science & AI, Shahram grabbed his smart phone to share his plans for DS & AI at Novartis. Interested in finding out more? Start your career conversation with Novartis at

  • 9 billion USD invested in R&D in 2018. If you are inspired by making an impact on millions of patients around the world. Have a natural curiosity and looking for an 'unbossed' employee culture? Start your career conversation with Novartis.

  • 2019 is an exciting year for Novartis as we accelerate our growth in the digital space. Start your career conversation with Novartis.

  • ‘Our future is as a leading focused medicines company, powered by data science and advanced therapy platforms’. CEO Vas Narasimhan shares our vision.

  • 14 weeks minimum paid parental leave will be available to ALL Novartis Group employees by 2021, regardless of gender. Read more about our new global parental leave policy in this article by Steven our Chief People & Organization Officer.

    Celebrating Life: why we're introducing equal parental leave for all parents globally

    As a father to three wonderful children, I know from personal experience how the birth of a baby is a life-changing moment. In the words of one of our associates, it turns your life upside down, in a good way!

  • 2023 will be a big year for us here at Novartis. We are working towards achieving gender balance in management by 2023, because we believe a balanced world is a better world.

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