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Explain your profile and what you've learned. Then easy questions like how does the JVM work, why use Java. Career questions like what kind of job do you want to do.

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You'd better say you want to stay in technical positions. Don't say you might want to become project manager (yet) because they have too many of those, and they are really looking to refill positions of developers who quit regularly.

Draw a UML class diagram

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Décrire le fonctionnement du pattern MVC

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Voulez vous travailler pendant plus de 2 mois ?

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they ask you a lot of things to access your personality and mindset, self-confidence.

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basic java questions. Collections organisation, interfaces... If class A inherit class B and which method is called first in many cases... what is transient

How many bicycles in China? Do you know design patterns? What is polymorphism? What is a pointer? How does garbage collection work? What is Agile? How many people in Amadeus? What do you know about Amadeus, please give some important figures (turnover, share price, number of employees etc.) What are the challenges ahead of Amadeus? Case study for a flight booking transaction.. Difference between json and xml..

Implement an algorithm to make change returning the lowest number of coins possible. No dp involved thanks to the available coins.

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